Plans and strategies

Council plans and strategies include the Council Plan, frameworks and high-level plans or strategies that define Council’s approach and objectives.

Activating Open Space Strategy(PDF, 4MB)

Asset Management Strategy(PDF, 792KB)

Audit Committee Charter(PDF, 342KB)

Bridges Asset Management Plan(PDF, 979KB)

Building Asset Management Plan(PDF, 885KB)

Business Continuity Framework(PDF, 229KB)

Child Safe Standards Framework(PDF, 323KB)

Climate Proofing Sport and Recreational Facilities strategy(PDF, 4MB)

Community Care Strategy(PDF, 716KB)

Community Planning Framework(PDF, 2MB)

Complaint Handling Framework(PDF, 144KB)

Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 535KB)

Council Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Customer Service Strategy(PDF, 573KB)

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021(PDF, 366KB)

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021 Year 1 Action Plan(PDF, 211KB)

Domestic Animal Management Plan(PDF, 937KB)

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan(PDF, 578KB)

Economic Development and Tourism Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Emergency Animal Welfare Plan(PDF, 726KB)

Environmental Sustainability Strategy(PDF, 175KB) and Action Plan(PDF, 175KB)

Event Management - a Guide for Organisers of Events(PDF, 2MB)

Fees and Charges(PDF, 416KB)

Footpath Asset Management Plan(PDF, 310KB)

Loddon Aboriginal Community Partnership Plan 2019-2021(PDF, 594KB)

Loddon Healthy Minds Network Strategic Plan(PDF, 749KB)

Municipal Early Years Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Municipal Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Municipal Fire Management Plan(PDF, 15MB)

Municipal Heatwave Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Municipal Pandemic Plan(PDF, 771KB)

Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Parks Asset Management Plan(PDF, 768KB)

Performance Reporting Framework(PDF, 554KB)

Procurement Strategy(PDF, 564KB)

Rating Strategy(PDF, 156KB)

Recreation Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Risk Management Framework(PDF, 408KB)

Road Asset Management Plan(PDF, 652KB)

Road Management Plan(PDF, 217KB)

Roadside Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Rural Zones Review(PDF, 13MB)

Settlement Strategy(PDF, 13MB)

Social Media Strategy(PDF, 4MB)

Staff, Volunteers and Contractors Code of Conduct(PDF, 726KB)

Strategic Document Policy and Procedure Framework(PDF, 280KB)

Swimming Pool Improvement Plan(PDF, 397KB)

Tourism Marketing Plan(PDF, 459KB)

Tourism Strategy(PDF, 516KB)

Waste Management Strategy(PDF, 692KB)

Youth Strategy(PDF, 317KB)

Volunteer Strategy(PDF, 675KB)

Submission documents:
Response to GWM Connections project(PDF, 3MB)

Partnership documents:
Bendigo Region Destination Management Plan(PDF, 10MB)