Mayoral Column 21 September 2015

Published on 21 September 2015

Cricket and tennis season officially opens

The past weekend has seen the completion of the winter sports program in Loddon Shire.

I would like to congratulate all of Loddon Shire’s teams in the Loddon Valley and the North Central leagues on completing another fantastic season of football, netball and hockey.

I would like to congratulate not only the winners, but all who participated this year.

I think special mention must go to the Wedderburn Netball Club, which fielded a total of six teams in the North Central Grand Final last weekend. The Wedderburn Netball Club must surely be one of the most successful netball clubs in Australia, with strong performances and finals appearances in almost every year in the last 30. I should also recognise the fantastic effort of Bridgewater Football Club in matching Calivil United’s’ record of 6 consecutive grand finals.

Loddon’s upgrade into automation

Loddon Shire Council has retrofitted automation to two of its graders. The upgrade will allow Council to more efficiently to deliver sealed road reconstructions across the shire.

The automation which allows for level control of the blade on the grader, will cut down time on each job and reduce product wastage.

The project cost $60,000 in total. Loddon Shire Council is hopeful over time it will retrofit the remaining five graders in its fleet.

Council endorses emergency plan

Loddon Shire Council has endorsed a Municipal Emergency Management Plan, which allows Council to comply with the Emergency Management Manual Victoria and legislation.

The plan was presented to Council at its August meeting with proposed changes to the plan after legislative and agency requirements changed.

Council was also presented with the Municipal Fire Management Plan Audit Report at its meeting.

Local law reminder

Council is reminding residents that they must apply for permits if they wish to exceed the number of animals allowed in residential and rural zoned areas.

The reminder comes after several landowners have not abided by the laws, with one ratepayer housing a horse and sheep in a backyard.

Ratepayers need to be aware that permits are required for both pets and stock.

The laws are in place to provide a safe and healthy environment in which residents of the municipal district enjoy a quality of life that meets the general expectations of the community.

The minimum fine per offence is $200.

Type of animal 

Maximum number allowed in Townships  

Maximum number allowed in a rural residential area

(non farming)

Dog   2 2
Cat   2 2
Pigeons  12 30
Poultry  12 20
Domestic birds  50 100
Large birds 2 10
Domestic mice  10 10
Guinea pigs   10 10
Domestic rabbits  6 6
Horse/Donkey   Permit required   4
Cattle    Permit required  10
Emu   Permit required 20
Sheep    Permit required  20
Goats    Permit required 4
Ostriches  Permit required  20
Pig   Permit required  Permit required
Other agricultural animals  Permit required  Permit required 

*An owner or occupier of a property must not, without a permit, keep or allow to be kept more than four different kinds of animals on any one property in a residential area at any time nor keep or allow to be kept any more in number for each kind of animal than is listed in the above table.

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