Personal Interests Returns

The Local Government Act 2020 requires councillors, members of delegated committees and nominated council staff to submit a record of their personal interests (in the form of a personal interests return) to the Chief Executive Officer, a summary of which can be viewed by the public.

The first personal interests return must be completed within 30 days after taking the oath or affirmation (for councillors) or appointment (for staff and members of delegated committees). These are known as initial personal interests returns.

Further returns must be submitted twice a year for the entire time the position is held. These are known as biannual personal interests returns. The biannual returns are due each year between 1 March and 31 March and 1 September and 30 September.

The Local Government Inspectorate can prosecute relevant persons if they fail to comply with personal interests returns requirements.

Below is the current summary of personal interests.

Summary of Personal Interest Returns Councillors and Nominated Officers(PDF, 274KB)