Mayoral Column 4 May 2015

Published on 04 May 2015

Loddon’s city showcase

The Shire received wonderful feedback from staff who volunteered their time attending the Regional Victoria Living Expo, to speak to 10,000 visitors about our wonderful municipality.

All of Victoria’s 48 rural and regional councils took part at the Melbourne based event, which is designed to give city residents looking for a regional move the chance to investigate all of the municipalities under the one roof.

This was the fourth year Loddon Shire participated in the expo, and we exhausted our efforts giving out hundreds of brochures and guides and talking to hundreds of people about our region.

Our Loddon Shire staff gave up their time over the weekend, and I want to thank them for providing such a valuable experience and showcasing Loddon to the masses of people who attended the expo.

Once again, housing affordability, job vacancies, investment prospects, education options and sporting, cultural and recreational opportunities were at the forefront of those who are looking to make the move.

Diabetic sharps container exchange program

I would like to remind residents that the diabetic sharps container exchange program is still operating within the Loddon Shire Council.

The service was rolled out several years ago for those who have diabetes or a medical need to use a sharps container.

A collection container is set up in partnership with each community service provider in Wedderburn, Inglewood, Serpentine, Boort and Pyramid Hill.

The sharps containers are located at:

  • Loddon Shire Council, Wedderburn
  • Guardian Pharmacy, Inglewood
  • Loddon Shire Council, Serpentine
  • Boort Resource and Information Centre, Boort
  • Pyramid Hill Pharmacy Depot, Pyramid Hill

Council’s new livestock pound

Council has acquired a new livestock pound for the Shire’s local law officers to house animals found wandering outside private property.

The 30 acre property near Wedderburn will be fully operational before July.

The livestock pound will allow animals impounded to be separated within the holding yard, with concerns some unwanted wandering livestock may be diseased.

Livestock will be held in the pound facility until they are returned to their owner or sold.

On average, each day Council receives one call about wandering livestock.

Inglewood’s rubbish solution

Sustainability Victoria has partnered with Loddon Shire Council to provide an opportunity for Inglewood residents to continue to dispose of their waste and recyclables locally.

The Inglewood tip has been progressively filling up and is now at the point where limited capacity remains to receive further waste. 

In response, Council has explored a number of alternatives for providing waste management solutions to the local Inglewood community.

In line with its current waste management strategy, Council is pursuing the option of establishing a transfer station to replace the current tip operations.

Council has been fortunate to secure a large component of the funding required to establish the new waste management facility, with Sustainability Victoria providing the Shire with a grant of $150,000 towards the establishment of a transfer station to replace the existing landfill.

The transfer station will be located on the current tip site and consist of a number of large skip bins, which will allow people to deposit their waste before it is transferred to one of Council’s active landfill sites. 

Recycling stockpiles and services will also be maintained at the facility for items including: green waste, concrete, plastics, metals and tyres.

Loddon Shire Council will continue to ask residents to try and separate their waste to aid recycling and reduce waste management costs.

Delivery of the plan is subject to Council approving a dollar for dollar contribution towards the project as part of its 2015/16 budget.

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