Bushfires are a natural occurrence and it is impossible to totally avoid them; however, as a community, everyone can do their bit to be prepared should a bushfire occur.

Fire awareness and preparedness in the home, agriculture, business, industry and places of recreation, is encouraged by the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), local Councils and other government agencies.

The risk of bushfire is particularly high during the warmer months, and it is very important that everyone abides by the fire restrictions during this time.

Bushfires cause devastation when they occur. Large bushfires require many resources to keep them under control, therefore it is not likely that CFA or other emergency services will be able to assist you individually. It is extremely important that you take steps to ensure that you, your family and property, are prepared for a bushfire.

The safest thing you can do on days of high fire risk is to leave early. In making this decision it is very important that you discuss it with other people who live in your house, prepare a bushfire plan together and write it down. Remember, travelling on the road through a bushfire is extremely dangerous.

For detailed information in relation to planning and response to bushfires or fire management practices, please visit the CFA website