Heal Your Life at this one-day workshop

Published on 05 October 2017

Do you feel that there are blocks to you achieving the life you want?  Are you ready to make changes to help you achieve your dreams? If so, make sure you don’t miss the Heal Your Life one-day workshop in Wedderburn.

To be held on Saturday, 21 October, the Heal Your Life workshop is part of this year’s Naturally Loddon Spring Festival.

Facilitated by certified Heal Your Life®, Achieve Your Dreams Workshop Leader Leeanne Rollinson, the one-day workshop will see participants recognise the mindset that has limited their success in business, finance, relationships, spiritual health and more. 

“The workshop will help participants identify negative beliefs that are limiting them and then learn transformational techniques to release these limitations and go beyond them,” Mrs Rollinson said.

“Participants will learn that loving themselves is the foundation for making positive changes.  While this is easy to say, it is not often easy to do.

“Through using affirmations and visualisations and other techniques, participants will experience transformation as they heal the past and allow barriers to dissolve,” she added. 

Based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, the workshop will encourage participants to reprogram their subconscious mind and eliminate negative self-esteem beliefs such as “life is difficult”, “I don’t matter” and “I’m not good enough”.
“The workshop is really about helping people to understand that old program where we tend to say and do the same negative things over and over again,” Mrs Rollinson said.

“This will help people to recognise the program and give them the tools and devices to change that and have a positive impact on their life and choices.”

Mrs Rollinson encouraged people to “take the plunge” and get along to the workshop.

“It can also be fun as well,” she said. “It is a light hearted workshop where you will get a lot out of it. I’ve certainly had some great results and feedback from participants.

“Every aspect of life can be improved with this workshop including relationships, health, career and prosperity.”

The Heal Your Life one-day workshop will be held at the Wedderburn Community Centre on Saturday, 21 October from 9am to 4pm and will cost $250. Ask about discounts for pensioners and Community House members.

For bookings and more information contact the Wedderburn Community House on 5494 3489 or Leeanne on 0412 410 333, email: admin@wedderburnch.org.au or visit https://www.wedderburnch.org.au/

Running from early September until the 28 October, the Naturally Loddon Spring Festival features 15 family-friendly events spread across the Shire. To obtain a festival brochure, phone the Loddon Visitor Information Centre on 5494 3489 or visit www.loddon.vic.gov.au.

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