Filipino Food Store in Pyramid Hill

Published on 16 March 2018

The busy Filipino community of Pyramid Hill received a major present last year – and, to this day, they’re still enjoying it immensely.

They now have their own Filipino food store stocking hundreds of grocery items previously difficult to obtain, courtesy of Mark Lacey, manager of the local Bendigo Bank agency.

“I’ve been running the agency for three years and saw an opening for stocking some Filipino products, considering the size of the Filipino community in Pyramid Hill,” Mr Lacey said.

There are some 30-35 families in the area these days, making up 20 per cent of the town’s population.

“I’ve put in about 400 different imported grocery lines, ranging through canned and frozen goods to chips, frozen coconut and ice creams, vegies and milk fish, all sourced online from wholesalers in Melbourne,” Mr Lacey said.

“I’m looking to improve the business, but basically just trying to provide what the customers want.

“All of them make up boxes of foodstuffs and other goods to send back to their families and local charities in the Philippines and I help them do that as an agent for a freight company in Melbourne.

“I’ve also joined the Filipinos’ Facebook Messenger group, just to keep more closely in touch, but word of mouth is always the best advertising.”

Filipino community member Marilyn Fernandez said that, before the local store opened, people were obliged to buy groceries from Bendigo or Melbourne.

“It’s great to have the shop open – it’s amazing to have a Filipino store in such a small town,” she said.

“I’m sure every single Filipino family is really happy.

“We love the fish, the pork sausages and sweet breads, plus being able to buy some of the ingredients for Filipino spaghetti.

“We also appreciate the way Mark is willing to open the store to take account of our working hours.”  

For more information, contact Mark Lacey on 0428 890 188. 

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