Who are mental health carers? video launch

Published on 27 November 2017

A video which focuses on the carers of people with mental health issues and discusses their experiences as a carer will be launched this Friday in Serpentine. 

Who are mental health carers? will be officially launched by the Minister for Public Transport and Major Projects, and Member for Bendigo East, the Hon. Jacinta Allan MP. The event will be hosted by the Loddon Healthy Minds Network in partnership with the Bendigo Health Carers Support Program.

Loddon Shire Council Director Community Wellbeing Wendy Gladman said the video highlights who mental health carers are and what their role as a carer means.

“Not all people who are looking after someone with a mental health issue actually identify themselves as carers, rather it’s just something they do,” Mrs Gladman said.

“As well as focusing on who a carer is and their role in caring for someone with a mental health issue, the carers featured in the video emphasise the importance of all carers looking after themselves.

“This includes recognising mental and physical exhaustion, and ensuring a carer has their own support. This may be through their GP, a mental health professional or informal support such as friends or family.”

The launch of Who are mental health carers? will also celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Loddon Healthy Minds Network.

Formed in 2007, the network is based on the original concept developed by the Swan Hill Healthy Minds Network. It aims to promote and advocate for improved wellbeing and access to appropriate services for people in Loddon Shire affected by mental health issues, and promote emotional wellbeing and good mental health across the Loddon community.

The network is made up of members from a number of organisations including community health services, primary health care partnerships, mental health services and Council. The network also includes community representatives.

Founding member Ric Raftis said he had seen many positive outcomes from the Loddon Healthy Minds Network during the past 10 years.

“It’s considerably reduced the stigma of mental health issues,” he said.

“It’s still there, but the network has given people the courage to come and say if they have a mental health issue.

“It has provided people with information on access to support and improved available services that we have advocated and agitated for.

“We are trying to make sure that the mental health issues within the Loddon Shire are addressed and people with these issues are represented and their issues articulated,” Mr Raftis added.

Who are mental health carers? will be launched this Friday 1 December at Serpentine’s Janiember Park Recreation Reserve at 12.30pm.

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