Modification of standpipe charges

Published on 30 July 2016

This is to notify all customers of the standpipe facilities owned and managed by Loddon Shire Council of the following:

  • The agreement between Loddon Shire Council and Coliban Water regarding the suspension of fixed service charges and subsidy in volumetric charges expires on 1 August 2016
  • Pre-agreement water usage charge ($5.00 per KL) will be applicable to all the customers using Council owned standpipes effective 14 August 2016.

The change in the water usage rate is a result of the end of the agreement signed on 29 March 2016 between Council and Coliban Water.

If you have any questions regarding the modification of standpipe water consumption charges, please contact Indivar Dhakal, Assets Engineer on (03) 5494 1215.

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