Newbridge Progress Park receives facelift

Published on 29 January 2015

Caption: The Newbridge Progress Park will undergo further works in March.

Newbridge Progress Park is set to undergo the next stage of its facelift, with the new works set to commence in March.

The project has been led by the Newbridge Community Planning Group and after community consultation plans were produced for the upgrade last year, the area received a freshen-up following the floods with some green lawn areas, paths and garden beds installed with diverse plantings of Eremophila species, generally known as Emu Bush.

Local community members have looked after the area to ensure it always looks its best, as the site acts as a staging area for activities in the district.

The idea behind the project was to clean-up and beautify the area to provide local residents and tourists with a space for exercise and exploration.

One of the key aspects of the site will be to enhance the cover of native grass and herbs, effectively making it a unique native grassland park on the high embankment of the Loddon River.

Community Planning Manager Tim Jenkyn said Council would be removing five of the seven existing sugar gum trees.

“From a safety point of view, five of the trees are too much of a risk with their declining condition,” he said.

“The new path goes along that area on the roadside and over the years the trees have been regularly pollarded due to the power line running up the middle of the site.

“These trees will be replaced with a lower growing native tree that will maintain the avenue along Bourke Street.”

Other than tree removal and improvements to the grassland, works in the next stage will include construction of a 500m walking and cycling trail that loops around the site, irrigation of lawn areas, new established tree plantings to replace the sugar gums, lift pruning of peppercorns, and installation of park benches for views along the river.

While these works are being undertaken, Council and the community will investigate how to improve lighting, potential artwork or exercise equipment for the site, aimed at giving those travelling a chance to stretch their legs.

Council will also explore the possibility of a pedestrian bridge to go under the vehicle bridge and link the area with the community hall.

The Progress Park sits opposite the Newbridge hall, pub and general store at the main intersection of this picturesque little town.

For more information about the works, residents can contact Mr Jenkyn on 5494 1293.


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