Changes to Maternal Child Health Service

Published on 03 October 2014

The Maternal and Child Health Services will be operating as an appointment only service on a temporary basis for the rest of the year.

Loddon Shire Council Early Years Coordinator Alycia O’Sullivan said the service currently operates centres on a rotational basis, but instead will now be offering an appointment only service to allow flexibility of days serviced to council areas.

“We can operate our service on a needs basis,” she said.

“This will allow staff to potentially operate a morning in one area and an afternoon in another.”

The temporary change will affect Dingee, Pyramid Hill, Boort, Wedderburn and Inglewood Maternal and Child Health Services.

Miss O’Sullivan said the change is a result of some temporary operational limitations.

Appointments for your child can be made by contacting Council’s Serpentine Office on 5437 7999.

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