Thinking of Buying Land or Building a Dwelling in Loddon?

Thinking of buying land or building a dwelling in Loddon?

The Loddon Shire welcomes new residents to our community. Loddon Shire offers a range of residential options including township living, rural residential, bush blocks and farms.

Before purchasing a block of land that you might want to live on or visit in the Loddon Shire it is important to understand the issues associated with development in rural areas to ensure that you can achieve your plans.

Farming areas and the Farming Zone

Much of the rural area of Loddon Shire is zoned Farming. This land is set aside for agricultural production, which is the economic foundation of the Shire. Generally, new houses can only be built in these areas where living on site is required to support commercial agricultural activity on the land. You may be required to submit a farm business plan or whole farm plan as evidence of the agricultural use of the land. Access to the land via an all weather road is also essential. Please see

Small town living and the Township Zone

The townships in the Loddon Shire offer the opportunity to live in a vibrant community with unique character and amenity. The towns of Boort, Bridgewater, Inglewood, Pyramid Hill and Wedderburn have an extensive range of infrastructure and provide the greatest capacity for a range of residential forms on land zoned Township. The smaller towns of Dingee , Eddington, Korong Vale, Laanecoorie, Mitiamo, Newbridge, Serpentine and Tarnagulla also offer Township zoned land, however these towns rely on septic tanks for effluent disposal. Lots of less than 0.4ha in size may be more challenging to develop for residential purposes due to effluent disposal requirements. A land capability assessment will be required to determine waste disposal capacity in these non sewered towns where land is less than 0.4ha in size. Council’s website includes significant information about effluent disposal in non sewered areas.

Camping on bush lots

A Local Laws permit is required to camp on bush blocks and other rural properties, and a limit on the period of time you can camp on the property will apply. Tents, caravans and other infrastructure must not remain on site when you are not visiting. Sheds and shipping containers must not be used for camping.

Building a shed or installing a shipping container

Planning approval is generally required to build a shed or install a shipping container where it is not associated with an established agricultural or residential use of the land. Shipping containers are considered to be sheds, and the land is assessed for its suitability for storage. A building permit is also required for sheds and shipping containers.

Other issues

Rural areas in the Loddon Shire are also subject to bushfire risk, flooding and native vegetation controls. These issues may also affect your ability to use or develop your land.

Further information

All weather road information

Building in the Bushfire Management Overlay

Permits to camp on private land

Planning controls and planning permit requirements

Planning zones and overlays

Native vegetation

Reticulated water and sewer access



Rural residential areas and Rural Living Zone


Land in the Rural Living Zone is specifically set aside for rural residential development. Agricultural activity is possible on these lots, but not essential. Access to the land via an all weather road is required, as is a suitable sized area sufficiently distanced from a waterway or water body for effluent disposal via a septic tank or other approved waste disposal system.