Audit and Risk Committee membership and meetings


Loddon Shire Council’s Audit and Risk Committee is an advisory committee comprising five members–one Councillor and four external independent persons. The current membership consists of:


  • Cr Gavan Holt

Independent external persons:

  • Mr Rod Baker (Chair)
  • Mr Jarrah O'Shea 
  • Mr Rod Poxon
  • Ms Rachelle Tippett

Mr Baker was recommended as Chair of the committee for 2022 at the meeting held February 2022.


Meetings are held generally on the first Monday in May, August, November and February.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer and Director Corporate attend the meetings in an advisory capacity.

Audit program

The audit program was originally developed following a risk profiling exercise for Council facilitated by HLB Mann Judd, Council’s internal audit firm, and involving a number of key staff from Council’s various business units. The program is reviewed annually to ensure that it is still relevant and efforts are being invested into areas that will receive the most benefit from review.

New Audit and Risk Committee member information

There are currently no vacancies for new Audit and Risk Committee members 2022


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