Standpipes and truck washes

Loddon Shire Council currently operates a number of standpipe and truck wash facilities across the municipality.  

Standpipes dispense water for both private and commercial water carters. The majority of standpipes through the Shire are connected to the Coliban Water reticulated system and supply potable (i.e. drinkable water).  However residents and contractors should note that the standpipes in Shelbourne and Mitiamo are connected to an untreated supply and are not suitable as a source of drinking water.

Truck washes provide a safe and suitable environment for the washing of both domestic and commercial vehicles and are linked to the national truckwash system.  Truckwashes are predominately used by stock or commercial trucks for periodic cleaning, however may also be accessed by residents wishing to wash domestic vehicles. 

Obtaining Access

In order to access any of the standpipes and truck washes operated by Council, residents or business owners are required to obtain an electronic access key.  Each key is programmed for the unique customer account, with all billing and administration then managed on behalf of Council using the Avdata system.

If you require access to standpipes or truck washes, you will need to purchase an Avdata access key and complete the necessary customer account application forms.  Forms and keys may be obtained from Councils office in Wedderburn.

If you already have an Avdata access key from another council, your existing key will need to be approved to use Council's stand pipes. 

To enquire about obtaining an Avdata key or arrange for authorisation of your existing key to use Loddon Shire's facilities, please contact our customer service team on (03) 5494 1200.





Inglewood        - Corner Inglewood Powlett Road and Belmont Street
Mitiamo**        - Glossop Street
Pyramid Hill
       - Behind Railway Avenue
Tarnagulla        - Corner Poverty Street and Commerical Street
Wedderburn        - Reef Street

**    Mitiamo is a NON POTABLE water supply.

Truck Washes



Boort               -Tip Road
Pyramid Hill
-Truck Wash Street


What can the Water be Used For?

All water taken from standpipes (public or private) must be used in accordance with any water restrictions in force at the time for the supply system to which the standpipe is connected.

You can find out more about water restrictions by visiting Coliban Water's website.

Coliban Water

As identified above, some of the facilities operated by the Shire supply raw or untreated water only.  As such contractors and residents should consider this fact when determining if the water supply complies with public health requirements or is suitable for the intended purpose. 

Those transporting water should also avoid potential contamination of potable water obtained from standpipes by ensuring that cartage trucks, tanks or containers are not also used for the transport of untreated water or other substances.  

How do you use a Standpipe or Truck wash?

To operate the standpipe or truck wash facility:

  • place and hold the round magnetic plate on the key onto the round receival place located on the control-panel to activate the site
  • a green led light will come on indicating the site is ready for use
  • alternatively if there is a problem with the key or your account, the red “not valid” LED will illuminate briefly,  if so please contact Councils customer service team to resolve the issue
  • to run the standpipe or truck wash, press the ‘ON’ button
  • some of Council's standpipes are fitted with both a low fill and high fill point.  You will need to open the appropriate valve for the supply point you wish to use.
  • for standpipes, press ‘OFF’ button to stop flow of water.

If you have any issues with the operation of a standpipe or truck wash, please contact Council on (03) 5494 1200.

You will receive an account from Avdata Australia for the water purchased/used.

If you have any issues relating to a lost or stolen key, or your account contact Avdata on (02) 6262 8111

What does it cost?

Please see Standpipe Charges on our current fees and charges document.

Current Fees and Charges