Your neighbours

Local Laws Officers often find themselves mediating and resolving disputes between neighbours in the normal course of their law enforcement duties.

Since Local Laws Officers are often able to resolve complaints that may give rise to neighbourhood disputes, there is a common perception that all neighbourhood disputes can be dealt with by Local Laws Officers.

This unfortunately is not the case and property disputes between neighbours over matters such as boundary fences and overhanging trees/shrubs are 'civil' matters which should be dealt with privately.

To assist with the satisfactory resolution of such disputes the Victorian Dispute Settlement Centre offers a free advisory and mediation service for many neighbourhood disputes.

Further information on the mediation of neighbourhood disputes can be obtained from the Department of Justice website or by phoning 1300 372 888 or 03 5440 6100

For advice on the types of conflicts Local Laws Officers can assist you with, please contact the Local Laws Officers on (03) 5494 1200