Application guidelines

These guidelines are provided to assist you in submitting your application for the advertised position with Loddon Shire Council. Please ensure that you read the instructions carefully, prior to submitting your application. Follow the related links on this page for further information about Council.

Your application should include:

Covering letter/sheet

This letter/sheet should include your contact details, including a daytime phone number, and the name of the position you have applied for.  Your covering letter should include reasons why you are applying for the position and an overall summary regarding your skills and experience that meets the criteria of the position.

Key selection criteria

A separate attachment outlining your experience against each Key Selection Criteria identified in the Position Description. Short listing of applicants to attend an interview is based on how well your skills, knowledge and experiences address the selection criteria.


Your resume provides additional information for the selection panel such as qualifications, employment history and any other information that you might want us to know such as hobbies. This should be precise and easy to read. Highlight your major achievements and only include information which is relevant to the position applied for.


Please include contact details for two (2) work related referees in your resume (referees will only be contacted after a personal interview has been conducted). Referees provided must be notified and advised by you of the possibility that they may be contacted by Council for a reference check.


All applications should be marked “Confidential” and sent via

  • mail to Manager Organisational Development, PO Box 21, Wedderburn VIC 3518
  • email to (all email applications will be acknowledged immediately the application has been received)
  • online submission.

Please note: that to have your application considered, it must be received at Council offices no later than the closing date and time. Unfortunately any applications received after this time cannot be considered.

To be considered for interview applicants must address the “Key Selection Criteria”.

Successful applicants will require

  • Satisfactory evidence of any mandatory qualifications or licences required for the position. Mandatory requirements will be listed in the in the Position Description
  • Birth Certificate or Extract and any formal registration of name changes such as a Marriage Certificate, or deed poll documentation (if your name is different on Birth Certificate/Extract).
  • Current Drivers Licence
  • If your birthplace is outside Australia , documents proving you are legally able to work in Australia, i.e. evidence of citizenship/permanent residency status or working visa.

Application tips


Electronic applications are preferred, but if that can't happen you can post it or drop it in. If it's not electronic, don't put it in a folder or binder, just staple it or put a paper clip in the top left hand corner.

Do not include original documents, such as qualifications, in your application as your application will not be returned to you. It's also important that you keep a copy for your own reference.


Read the position description and any other related documentation.

If there is a contact name for the position, you are encouraged to ring them so you are sure that the position is what you think it is.

Don't be afraid to ask questions of the contact person. Ring them more than once if you need to. They are there to help.

Use your own resources to find out further information, follow the links on this page for further information relating to Loddon Shire Council

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position at Loddon Shire Council, we look forward to receiving your application.