A Greenfield Perspective

Published on 03 November 2014

William Greenfield’s exploration of landscapes, through the art of photography, is now on view at Wedderburn.

The Coach House Gallery presents ‘A Greenfield Perspective’ with a brilliant collection of artistic photography taken across Western Australia and Victoria.

The exhibition showcases landscapes in a way people would not usually view them.

When asked how he became interested in photography, Mr Greenfield said, “I joined the photography club in Rockingham, Western Australia, to learn how to use a camera.”

Since then, Mr Greenfield, who was in the Navy for 10 years, made the move to Bendigo to study photography at La Trobe University.

The exhibition will open Sunday 2 November, and the public will also enjoy a tour through the Wedderburn General Store Museum.

The Museum tour is a step back in time, with a general store which includes much of its stock still in place.

The tour also includes a basement and cellar filled with historic displays, and a blacksmith collection of old carriages.

The exhibition will open at 2pm. Those unable to make the exhibition can view the artwork during the month of November during the gallery’s normal opening times between 10am and 3pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The gallery is also open by arrangement.

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