Loddon Shire Local Law 4 - Environment

Published on 11 August 2015

Council has made Local Law No. 4 – Environment. The local law seeks to achieve a number of objectives:

1) To provide a safe and healthy environment in which the residents of the municipal district may enjoy a quality of life that meets the general amenity expectations of the community.
2) To control activities or land use which may be hazardous, unsafe or detrimentally impact upon quality of life or the environment within the municipal district.
3) To control nuisances which may adversely impact upon health, safety or welfare of any person within the municipal district, or be detrimental to an individual’s quality of life.
4) To facilitate regulation and enforcement action so as to protect the environment and general amenity within the municipal district.
5) To provide for the peace order and good government of the municipal district.
6) To provide for the administration of the Council's powers and functions under relevant legislation.

To achieve these objectives the proposed local law addresses 27 separate issues across 4 themes. The themes are safety, people and property, environment, animals and disposal of waste.

Copies of the Local Law are available at the Shire Offices Wedderburn and Serpentine during business hours.

The Local Law can also be accessed on Council’s website here.

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