Heat wave notifications

Published on 28 October 2014

As the summer months approach, Loddon Shire Council is reminding residents to register for heat wave notifications.

The Victorian Government operates a heat alert system, where the Department of Health notifies local governments of predicted heat wave events.

The Loddon Shire Council activates its heat wave plan in response to the Government’s alert system and notifies registered residents by SMS or email.

A heat wave event is when the predicted temperatures are likely to be above the “threshold” of heat.

Loddon Shire Council’s threshold is when the mean of the night-time and day-time temperatures is equal to or above 32 degrees Celsius.

Council urges residents to register for the system, which will help them to avoid related illnesses, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

To register for the alert system and view information on how best to avoid illness from a heat wave, visit http://www.loddon.vic.gov.au/Live/Emergencies/Emergency-management/Heatwaves.

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