Australia Day


Australia Day 2023 is a time to reflect, respect and celebrate.

On Australia Day, 26 January, award ceremonies will be held across Loddon Shire to recognise what it means to be Australian, to acknowledge our rich history and celebrate the selfless contributions of our volunteers.

We reflect on the resilience of our communities and their spirit of helping and giving that defines the Australian way, epitomised in the Australia Day awardees to be honoured in Loddon Shire.

We respect the stories, histories and contributions of all Australians, particularly those among us who contribute so much towards making Loddon such a great place to live, work and visit.

We celebrate our nation’s place in the world – a proud, ancient, multicultural nation built on shared values that allow us to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that other nations aspire to.

Reflect, respect, celebrate – we’re all part of Australia’s story.