Loddon Shire Council is responsible for the management and maintenance of roadside and township drains within the Shire with the exception of the declared main roads, which are looked after by Vicroads 131 170.

Council is generally responsible for road and easement drainage problems.  Exceptions include drainage pipes at property entrances, prescribed rural drainage schemes (i.e. community drains) and roof/property drainage to a legal point of discharge.  These are the responsibility of the landowner.  Driveway culverts are the responsibility of the property owner to keep clear, however they will be checked on routine maintenance.

In urban areas, significant drainage pits are checked annually, less important pits are inspected every second year.  Council uses its street sweeper to ensure that pits are clear and if aware of a major problem will investigate blocked pipes between pits. Major open drains are sprayed for weeds on an annual basis.

In rural areas, culverts are checked on an annual basis, with the entrance culverts being the responsibility of the landowner.

Residents are encouraged to assist us by reporting significant drainage problems to the Works Department on (03) 5494 1200.

A drainage strategy program is being developed to ensure the whole road and drainage network is regularly considered when preparing programs for maintenance and construction.

Urban drains

Council is responsible for the management and maintenance of the storm water drains that are in urban areas.  These drains must be clear of all debris to ensure that they protect the community from major rainfall events and reduce the debris that enters our river systems which result in poor water quality.

Residents can assist Council by washing their cars on lawns, ensuring leaves and debris are not swept into the storm water drainage system, and reporting any blockages or potential blockages to Works Department on (03) 5494 1200.