Mayoral Column 2 March 2015

Published on 02 March 2015

Sloan Park Playground

Look after your backyard to protect fruit farmers

To preserve the future of our orchards in Loddon Shire, along with all Victorian fruit farmers, we are asking residents to monitor one of the biggest threats to the industry: backyard fruit fly.

Fruit flies, where they exist, are a considerable problem. This is an issue that affects more than just us.

Farmers with fruit flies on their property are no longer able to sell their produce as organic, because every individual crate must be fumigated before it’s sold. The cost of fumigation coupled with the inability to sell the fruit as organic considerably cuts a farmer’s bottom-line.

We can’t be complacent about this problem. We have fruit producers in our municipality that are affected. I would ask that people be vigilant and monitor their backyard fruit trees. Looking after fruit trees in your backyard will look after the industry.

Residents should prune their trees so they can reach all of the fruit the tree produces. Please pick all ripe fruit before it falls to the ground and collect fallen fruit. Seal all fruit and veggies that are not going to be used in a black plastic bag and leave it in the sun for a few days before disposing of it in the bin. It’s important not to compost rotten fruit.

If you have a fruit tree you no longer need, it’s time to consider cutting it down. People can spray or paint their trees with a mixture available from hardware stores to prevent fruit flies.

Bridgewater Public Caravan Park lease

Loddon Shire Council will soon be taking expressions of interest for the lease of the Bridgewater Public Caravan Park.

The park, situated along the Loddon River, is a fully refurbished site which was rebuilt after the 2011 floods.

The park has been fully operational since October, after Council appointed park managers to run the site.

We are now working towards putting together a lease; with the aim that it would be active later this year.

We are hoping anyone interested will keep this opportunity in mind, as we look forward to hearing from interested parties in the near future.

Sloan Park playground comes to life

Caption: Rhiannon Murphy takes advantage of the new equipment at the Inglewood Recreation Reserve as her grandmother Lynette Rose looks on.

Council has installed large play equipment and a shade structure, as it works towards finalising its adventure park project at Sloan Park.

Visitors will see the Inglewood park gradually transform into an adventure park over the coming months with the additions of a dry creek bed, landscaping, logs, historical mosaic tiled wall and fountain set to be installed.

Men’s Shed members have created an oversized wooden chair along with mushroom replicas to feature across the site.

The final adventure park pieces will arrive from the manufacturer in coming weeks and include a hammock, phoenix climber and swing set.

Council has been working in conjunction with representatives from the Inglewood preschool, primary school, recreation reserve and interested residents.

The project will cost $80,000, with $30,000 contributed by the state government, $15,000 from Council’s Community Planning budget and $35,000 from Council’s Playground Development budget.

The playground will complement the pool upgrade which is soon to commence.


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