Escape to Loddon Valley Waterways in Summer

Published on 16 December 2016

Loddon Valley offers sweet relief from the tiring heat of summer with its wealth of lakes, waterways, shaded fishing spots and pleasant nature walks.

Visitors can go swimming or fishing, enjoy water skiing, canoeing or kayaking, camp in established parks or in the bush, walk in the cool of the day or watch out for shy birds and native wildlife.

The Loddon River, which runs through Bridgewater, Serpentine and Boort on its way to the Murray, flows through the Cairn Curran and Laanecoorie Reservoirs and several weirs, providing enjoyment for water skiers, boat owners and sailors.

Heading out from Bendigo, Newbridge and Laanecoorie Weir are famed for their fishing, canoeing, boating, walking and cycling opportunities, while Eddington offers historic town walks and vintage sports car action each March.

At Bridgewater, a 90m swimming area and 3.2km general water skiing area, 950m slalom and ski jump area are popular attractions. 

Nearby are the Koorooya State Park, Melville Caves and 1200ha Inglewood Nature Conservation Reserve, while Inglewood is famed for its cluster of antiques and collectables stores and Blue Eucy Museum, a unique window into the stories of the district’s irrepressible eucalyptus oil industry.

At Tarnagulla, amateur gold fossickers can try their luck in the surrounding bushland or soak up the atmosphere of this once-bustling gold rush town.

Wedderburn too, draws hundreds of detecting enthusiasts each year, though many visitors also enjoy seeing the town’s working eucalyptus stew pot and browsing in the Coach House Museum, an olden-days general store. 

At Terrick Terrick National Park, camping is allowed near the picnic area, while nearby Pyramid Hill offers walking trails to, and around, the hill itself and picnicking in the reserve.

Further north, Boort’s 400ha Lake Boort is rich in indigenous history, while Lake Leaghur and Lake Lyndger offer opportunities for walking and cycling and Little Lake Boort hosts a caravan park, swimming pool, parklands and tennis courts.

Other highly popular attractions are the diverse business enterprises at Simply Tomatoes, the award-winning produce at Salute Oliva’s olive grove and the remarkable metal artworks at John and Sonia Piccoli’s pretty sculpture gardens at Barraport. 

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