Recycle bins contaminated

Published on 05 November 2014

Council is concerned that a number of recycling bins across Loddon have been contaminated with waste.

The recycling material collected by Council’s contractor is transferred to a recycling facility to be machine and hand sorted.

When contaminated waste is among the recycling items it can result in the whole truckload being rejected.

The truckload can be directed to landfill due to the contamination.

If a bin is found to be contaminated, Council will not empty it and issue a warning.

Loddon Shire and its community prides itself on its recycling practices.

Cardboard, paper, cartons, glass, foil trays, aluminium and steel cans can be recycled.

Plastic which includes a recycle plastic code in the shape of a triangle with a number inside can be recycled. These items include ice cream, margarine and takeaway containers along with plastic milk, juice and soft drink bottles.

Residents are not able to recycle food, nappies, vacuum cleaner dust, household rubbish, green waste, crockery, light globes, plastic bags, polystyrene or batteries.

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