Bridgewater Public Caravan Park temporary closure

Published on 26 November 2017

On the morning of Saturday 25 November, the Bridgewater Public Caravan Park was temporarily closed.

The closure followed discovery of contamination of the tank that distributes water throughout the park, including taps, amenities and irrigation systems. A small amount of diesel from a failed fire system booster water pump entered the tank, and was subsequently detected at outlets around the park.

A Council emergency officer attended the site soon after the issue was raised, and processes were put in place to ensure patrons had safe drinking water in the short term.

All relevant authorities have been notified including the Environment Protection Authority and Coliban Water.

It was quickly determined that the park could not remain open, and patrons were advised that they needed to leave until the park can be re-opened.

The closure will be in effect at least until Tuesday 28 November, but it could possibly take a week to fully rectify the issue. 

Loddon Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Phil Pinyon said, “a full assessment of rectification works needed is underway, and is likely to continue after the weekend.

“Council’s first priority is the safety of the people using the caravan park, and the people of Bridgewater.

“Backflow controls in place have ensured that there is no risk of the town water supply being contaminated, so community members can rest assured that their water supply is not affected beyond the caravan park.”

River users should note that the boat ramp that is accessed through the caravan park will also be closed while the park closure is in place.

The managers of the Bridgewater Public Caravan Park can be contacted on 0467 299 018 for information about bookings.

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