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The Bridgewater foreshore redevelopment project aims to capitalise on two of the region’s most significant assets in the Calder Highway and the Loddon River. 

By providing an attractive setting and safe stopping point adjacent to the Loddon River, the project will enable easy public access to the foreshore precinct and to the river’s edge. The project will involve the construction of a highly visible ‘arrival point’ and walking path improvements, which will incorporate public artwork, decorative paving, feature seating and shelters and public Wi-Fi adjacent to the bridge.

The intent of the proposed project is to:

  • encourage travellers to ‘Take a Break at Bridgewater’
  • promote return visitation
  • provide tourists a place to easily access and enjoy the river
  • project an image of safety and openness for the township, the local area and the shire
  • assist in marketing and promotion of Bridgewater and the local area
  • promote a feeling of local pride amongst local residents
  • enhance the planned main street redevelopment (concept plans nearing completion)

The project will promote more frequent, longer and return stays to Bridgewater with positive effects on local businesses including the hotel, bakery, winery, opportunity shop, caravan park, motel and mechanics. There will be a positive effect on the local economy, attracting new residents, new business and in attracting new investment into the area.

Stage one of the project has been completed and consisted of works north of the Calder Highway Bridge from the Bridgewater Hotel to the swimming hole.  The improvements included:

  • installation of turf and irrigation
  • landscaping
  • installation of park furniture and shelters
  • improved access to the river
  • improved lighting
  • interpretive and directional signage

Draft Bridgewater foreshore landscape concept 15 May 2015(PDF, 8MB)

Stage two of the Bridgewater Foreshore Project is currently in the detailed design phase. Stage two works will be concentrated along the foreshore nominally from the Calder Highway Bridge south to the caravan park and will continue the design principles outlined in the overall concept plan and stage one of the project.

Draft Bridgewater foreshore landscape stage two plans(PDF, 12MB)

The Loddon Shire Council was successful in obtaining $1.38 million in funding under the Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program.  This funding is in addition to a $2.5 million contribution from the Federal Government and a significant $1.2 million contribution from the Loddon Shire Council, Donaldson Park Committee of Management, the user groups and the community. The total project cost is more than $4.5 million.

The project includes the addition of a new complex that replaces the facility’s three ageing pavilions and will include social rooms (with seating for up to 150 people), new kitchen, meeting room, kiosk, bar, office, change rooms and trainers’ and first aid room.

The building will also meet sustainability guidelines, including installation of solar panels and battery storage (reducing future running costs) as well as sustainable water practices.

The project is nearing completion of the detailed design phase.


Artistic impression development by McKnight and Bray Building Design of the new complex.

The Pyramid Hill community received $2,475,000 funding for the Pyramid Hill Community Centre Development project under the Andrews Labor Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund – Stimulus Round. 

The first stage of the project will include construction of the following:

  • the allied health wing
  • standalone senior citizens room
  • new toilet facilities
  • renovation of the existing hall and kitchen
  • expansion of storage for kitchen and user groups
  • development of breakout space and associated landscaping
  • civil works required to install car parking, kerb and channel (McKay Street) and associated drainage infrastructure


The Pyramid Hill Streetscapes Project will grow local businesses opportunities, attract new residents, improve livability and enhance the aesthetics of the town.

The Pyramid Hill Streetscapes Masterplan was produced by Outlines Landscape Architecture (OLA) in 2016. The Pyramid Hill community were consulted during the development of this masterplan.

The scope of the streetscape is based upon the OLA masterplan. As part of the streetscapes redevelopment project, community will continue to be consulted for the plan’s ongoing suitability.  It is expected that the scope will largely follow the concepts and ideas elaborated in the plan.

The overarching goal of the streetscape redevelopment project is to:

  • Improve the aesthetics of the town’s streetscape
  • Project a unique, positive and remarkable image of the town
  • Improve the town’s livability, safety and functionality
  • Present the township as an attractive lifestyle option
  • Have a positive impact in regard to economic development


Artistic impression development by OLA of the entrance to Kelly Park from Kelly Street.  The detailed design is currently nearing completion.

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