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The Bridgewater foreshore redevelopment project aims to capitalise on two of the region’s most significant assets in the Calder Highway and the Loddon River. 

By providing an attractive setting and safe stopping point adjacent to the Loddon River, the project will enable easy public access to the foreshore precinct and to the river’s edge. The project will involve the construction of a highly visible ‘arrival point’ and walking path improvements, which will incorporate public artwork, decorative paving, feature seating and shelters and public Wi-Fi adjacent to the bridge.

The intent of the proposed project is to:

  • encourage travellers to ‘Take a Break at Bridgewater’
  • promote return visitation
  • provide tourists a place to easily access and enjoy the river
  • project an image of safety and openness for the township, the local area and the shire
  • assist in marketing and promotion of Bridgewater and the local area
  • promote a feeling of local pride amongst local residents
  • enhance the planned main street redevelopment (concept plans nearing completion)

The project will promote more frequent, longer and return stays to Bridgewater with positive effects on local businesses including the hotel, bakery, winery, opportunity shop, caravan park, motel and mechanics. There will be a positive effect on the local economy, attracting new residents, new business and in attracting new investment into the area.

The project adds to and enhances work along the Loddon River at Bridgewater, which includes:

  • installation of turf and irrigation
  • landscaping
  • installation of park furniture and shelters
  • improved access to the river
  • improved lighting
  • interpretive and directional signage

 Stage one of the project will be officially opened on Thursday 19 December commencing at 5.30pm to coincide with the annual Bridgewater Christmas Carols.

Loddon Shire residents have given their support for a proposed Reconciliation Action Plan, following a survey of the community last month.

Eighty-nine residents completed the survey, which was available to all community members, either via online or in hard copy.

"There has been overwhelming positive results for the support of Council developing an entry level Reconciliation Action Plan," Council’s Director Community Wellbeing Wendy Gladman said.

"Overall 77 per cent of people voted yes to the Reconciliation Action Plan’s development. In this figure, 83.8 per cent of women supported the Plan’s development and 59.3 per cent of men.

"Council will now be proceeding with the development of the Plan."

Reconciliation Action Plans generally guide organisations in building greater awareness, understanding and respectful relationships between our wider community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


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