Australia Day Awards close

Published on 05 November 2014

The Australia Day Committee, made up from prominent community-minded people, is in the process of judging the awards and competitions.
Australia Day nominations for the Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Community Service Awards, Community Group Award and Event of the Year Award are also in.
These awards acknowledge outstanding Australians and community groups within Loddon.
The criteria and eligibility for these awards requires an outstanding achievement or contribution towards the Australian values such as a fair go, a concern for the environment, desire for prosperity with a share for all, participation in sport, cultural diversity, the importance of strong community values and support systems and a keen sense that we have a contribution to make on the world stage.
The judges will award the colouring and literature school competition, along with a photographic competition open to all ages.
Once the judging has been finalised, the committee will start making preparations to present the prestigious awards at the nine local celebrations conducted in the Shire on Australia Day.
Award winners will be announced at the January 26 celebrations.

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