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There are 79 local Council’s in Victoria offering a rich and rewarding environment, working as part of a team you are supported with career development and good work/life balance.

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Loddon Shire has a proactive and enthusiastic workforce of approximately 200 employees.  The Council is the largest employer in the municipality.

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Work life balance

We understand the importance of staff balancing their working life with their family commitments. Council staff can access a variety of policies and practices to support them in a balanced lifestyle.

Prenatal leave In addition to maternity leave employees are able to access a total of 35 hours prenatal leave to attend medical appointments.
Paid parental leave (primary carer) We pay 17 weeks leave and support staff while they are on leave to stay in touch.
Paid parental leave (secondary carer) We pay 3 weeks leave.
Working from home Opportunities are available to work from home to balance organisational and family needs. Approval from the Chief Executive Office is required.
Job sharing and part time employment We support staff by offering opportunities to job share and to work part time. These are dependent on organisational and job requirements.
48/52 model of employment Staff may apply to have an additional four weeks leave each year, based on a reduced salary arrangement.
Leave loading In accordance with our enterprise agreement leave loading is paid to all employees in the first pay period in December.

Employee support, wellbeing and occupational health and safety

We believe having benefits such as these is a way of working with our staff to ensure they feel supported, giving Council a strong, healthy, stable workforce.

We aim to be an employer of choice and firmly believe in the importance of investing in our employees.

Wellbeing program Council has an exciting wellbeing program to enhance personal health and wellbeing. This program includes seminars and health checks.
Employee assistance program We support our staff through difficult times by offering a wide range of employee assistance counselling and advisory services.
Annual and sick leave Annual and sick leave will be granted in accordance with Loddon Shire Council's current Enterprise Agreement or the current Local Government Early Childhood Education Employees Agreement.
Long service leave Employees are entitled to Long Service Leave on a pro rata basis after 7 years of service.
Family leave All employees will be entitled to use any accumulated sick leave for the purpose of providing care to family members.
Payment of salary Payment is made directly into a nominated account with a bank or building society each fortnight.
Superannuation An employer contribution is required at the current rate for the Superannuation Guarantee Levy. Employee contribution is optional.
Union membership Union membership is not a pre-requisite or condition of employment.
Use of a vehicle Where a vehicle is not part of the employment package, a pool of Council vehicles will be made available when possible for transport during working hours for business purposes. In instances when a pool car is unavailable, and the employee is to use their own vehicle, the appropriate award travel allowance is paid.
Council Car Pooling Council offers car pooling for staff who travel from Bendigo.
Career development and training

Council offers a wide range of training and development programs, from technical, personal development, through to organisation-wide programs.

We provide study assistance to enhance the careers of our staff. At Council we are very committed to providing nationally accredited training where we believe the competencies gained are closely related to the work environment.

Our learning and development activities are critical to the staff succession and retention program.

A key aim is to keep our staff, particularly in employment groups where the industry consistently experiences severe recruitment and retention difficulties.

Occupational health and safety (OH&S) We are committed to providing our people with a safe working environment. We have strong OH&S systems in place.
Social Club

When you join the team at Council, why not enjoy the many benefits offered by our social clubs.

From regular barbecues to mid-year and end-of-year functions - you’ll find many activities which support our happy and friendly organisation.
Emergency Services Leave

We support staff who are actively involved in emergency services organisations.

Staff may access the equivalent of 10 working days per year (pro rata for part time staff) of Emergency Services leave.
Uniform Indoor staff are entitled to access a uniform allowance to assist in the purchasing of Council’s uniform.

Personal protective equipment is supplied for indoor staff if required for their position.

Outdoor staff are supplied a uniform including personal protective equipment.

Annual Christmas function All Staff are invited to attend our annual Christmas function with our Councillors.

The function is held in a different location each year and buses are provided from key locations throughout the Shire.

Employment conditions

Terms and conditions of employment for Loddon Shire Council staff with the exception of preschool staff are in accordance with Council's current Enterprise Agreement, and Council policies.

Preschool staff are employed under the current Local Government Early Childhood Education Employees Agreement and Council policies.

To review a copy of the Loddon Shire Council Enterprise Agreement or the Local Government Early Childhood Education Employees Agreement please visit the Fair Work Commission website.

Probation period All appointments are subject to a six month probation period.
Police record check All Council appointments are subject to a National Police Record Check.  

A police record will not necessarily affect a person’s employment with Council. All cases will be treated on an individual basis, giving regard to the person's position, responsibilities and the particular conviction.

Termination of employment Employment may be terminated by either party in accordance with award provisions.
No smoking Council has adopted a ‘no smoking’ policy and while observation of this policy is a condition of employment, no discrimination against employees who do smoke will be tolerated.