Hard Waste Collection 2016

Published on 09 April 2016

Loddon Shire Council will be conducting a kerbside hard waste collection day during May 2016. Residents of Boort, Pyramid Hill, Mitiamo, Dingee, Serpentine, Borung, Wychitella, Korong Vale, Wedderburn, Inglewood, Bridgewater, Newbridge, Tarnagulla, Laanecoorie and Eddington may place items (e.g. whitegoods, old bed frames etc.) out on the nature strip on Sunday 1 May 2016 (not before) and Council staff will collect and remove these items commencing Monday 2 May 2016.

Residents in the Logan area may deposit hard waste at a collection point located on the Logan Kingower Road opposite the Avoca Forest Hotel and Fenton’s Creek residents may leave hard waste at a collection point located adjacent to the Fenton’s Creek Hall on Sunday 1 May 2016. This hard waste will also be collected and removed commencing Monday 2 May 2016.

Items are to be sorted into piles, i.e. metal items, recyclable items and white goods. Total volume is not to exceed 1m3 in size. Excessive or unsorted piles will not be collected.

Please note that perishables, tyres, oils, batteries, paints and chemicals, car parts, mattresses, TVs, computers/monitors and garbage will not be picked up.

Any unsuitable items left behind after collection are to be removed from the nature strip immediately.

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