It should be noted that provision of excessive signage can actually be distracting to drivers and as such strict guidelines are in place as to the circumstances where signage may be required as well as the type and size of signage which should be installed.

In assessing signage requests or requirements Council routinely refer to VicRoads Engineering Design Manual – Signs and Markings.

Existing signs are inspected regularly and damaged or illegible signs are replaced, within budget constraints.

Required replacement or new signage is assessed and those which play a role in road safety take priority over other types of signs in competition for available budget.

Please note: some road names signs are notorious for being stolen and in order to limit the financial impost of replacement, these will only be eligible for replacement once in any given year. Unauthorised signage removal or vandalism of signs should be reported to the Council on (03) 5494 1200.

VicRoads signs

Council is only responsible for signs on the local road network. Under some circumstances VicRoads also install signs on local roads which remain their responsibility. The white on green signs are not  maintained or installed by Council, these signs are the sole responsibility of VicRoads. Any maintenance requirements relating to these should be directed to VicRoads by phoning 131 170.

Reporting damages and stolen signs

Please advise us if you note a missing or damaged sign and we will check that it is listed on our records system. It will not necessarily be replaced immediately if higher safety issue signs are listed.

If you would like to report a missing or damaged sign, or request the installation of a new sign please contact Council on (03) 5494 1200