In Victoria the owner of the property is responsible for providing and looking after the driveway and crossing to an acceptable standard. However, approval from Loddon Shire Council is required for the installation of driveways and crossings. This section provides information on the permit process

Permit Information (Works Within Road Reserves ~ Vehicle Crossing Permits)

A permit is required for any works being completed in the road reserve. This applies to the installation or alteration of a new crossover (driveway), footpath or kerb. All works must be in accordance with the Council’s design requirements. Please click link to Working within Council road reserve for more information

What is a driveway crossing?

A driveway crossing is the section of the driveway in front of the property front boundary and includes the kerb and channel.

When is a permit required?

A permit is required when:

  • there is currently no driveway and you wish to construct one
  • the existing driveway does not suit you and you wish to construct a new one or change the existing driveway crossing.

Removal of unused driveway crossings?

When building a new house on a block, the driveway crossing provided may be on the wrong side of the property.

Yes you can have another one, at your cost but the old one will have to be removed and the kerb put back. There may be an old unused driveway crossing, or part of it, outside your property. These make it difficult for Council to clean and maintain the street. Generally only one driveway will be allowed per property.

How long is a permit valid for?

When a permit is issued, it will state how long the permit is valid for, and any special conditions.

New driveway crossings and new house or building approvals

If Council has approved a Building and / or Planning Permit for your new house or office building, it does not mean that approval is also given for the driveway and crossing shown on your plans. You will need separate approval, please contact Council on (03) 5494 1200.