Natuarlly Loddon Kamarooka Wetlands restoration tour

Published on 26 August 2016

The diligent work of local people in preserving and enhancing the natural environment will be on show during an upcoming tour of the Kamarooka Wetlands south of Mitiamo.

Planned for Sunday 18 September, the free day trip will be hosted by the Loddon Plains Landcare Network (LPLN) in conjunction with the Northern United Forestry Group.

It’s part of the 2016 “Naturally Loddon” Spring Festival, comprising 10 family-friendly events spread across eight weeks.

This year’s program also includes family weekends at Terrick Terrick National Park and Tarnagulla, a fishing competition, vintage fair, two local festivals and Boort’s annual metal sculpture competition.

Loddon Plains Landcare Network facilitator James Nelsson is co-ordinating the Kamarooka Wetlands event, alongside his work on the GOANNA Project.

The GOANNA Project is a landscape-scale restoration effort across the Loddon Plains, funded by the Norman Wettenhall Foundation and designed to foster action in both on-ground works and community education.

“A particular feature this year will be a celebration of the life of Bill Gallagher, called ‘Bill’s Big Family Day Out’, incorporating a tour of the wetlands and a visit to the Kamarooka Project site,” Mr Nelsson said.

The late Bill Gallagher was a valued life member of the Northern United Forestry Group (NUFG) and a pioneer of the Kamarooka Project Education Centre, opened in 2012.

“The Kamarooka Wetlands basically consist of numerous shallow depressions in the landscape where the water passes through,” Mr Nelsson said.

“We plan to visit about six of those on the tour, including Kow Swamp and Thunder Swamp, weather permitting.

“The complex is of high regional significance, covered as it is by black box and home to such local fauna as the brolga, bush stone-curlew, fat-tailed dunnart and legless lizard.

“Native grasslands are diminishing and many indigenous species of grasses and herbs are getting eaten by sheep or ploughed under – we’re certainly losing them.”

The bus leaves the Loddon Visitor Information Centre, Wedderburn, at 9.30am, but private vehicles are welcome to join in. 

For enquiries or bookings, contact James Nelsson on 0490 412 430.  Lunch is provided, with the Northern United Forestry Group organising a barbecue (gold coin donation welcome).

To obtain a festival brochure, phone the Loddon Visitor Information Centre on 5494 1257 or visit

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