Council elections

Council elections are held on the fourth Saturday of October every four years. The next Council election is scheduled for 2024. The information on this page is relevant to the most recent election.

The Victorian Electoral Commission is responsible for conducting Council elections in Victoria.  Please go to the VEC website for more information about nominating.

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Declaration of the Polls - Election 2020 - Facebook livestream (4.15pm 4/11/2020)

Thinking of becoming a Councillor?

Local Government presents an exciting challenge for elected representatives to participate in the management of the level of government that affects local well-being and quality of life for citizens.

Being a Councillor in Local Government offers the opportunity to contribute to the development of the community by making strategic choices about balancing costs, benefits, efficiency, effectiveness, economic growth, quality of life and social justice.

In most instances people who want to become a Councillor will have to win their position in an election. The decision to become a candidate is a big step and it is advisable to prepare yourself well. Information is available from a number of sources including:

Victorian Electoral Commission - information sessions

Victorian Electoral Commission -Elections 2020

Local Government Victoria

Municipal Association of Victoria

Victorian Local Governance Association - campaign toolkit

Victorian Local Governance Association - online workshops for women candidates 

Local democracy presents a challenge and an opportunity for communities and individual citizens. Who is chosen by their fellow citizens to take up the challenge will depend on many things including the kind of local economy, environment and the range and quality of services they want. There is no doubt that communities want their Council to be made up of people with commitment, integrity and the capacity to lead.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Candidate information session video now avaiable 

Please find below the link to the Candidate Information video presentation now available on the VEC website.


The presentation provides comprehensive information for prospective candidates to find out more about the nomination process for the 2020 local council elections.

The recorded version will be complemented by three state-wide interactive candidate seminars which compliment the information session video. The seminars will provide prospective candidates the opportunity to ask questions about the nomination process and the election.

The seminars will be held on the following days:

  • Wednesday 9 September 2020 at 7 pm
  • Sunday 13 September 2020 at 1 pm
  • Tuesday 15 September 2020 at 5 pm

For the 2016 Loddon Shire Council election results, please go to the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Community candidate information

VEC candidate information

Stand for Council - Community and Candidate Information Session 1


Tuesday, 4 August 2020


2:00:00 PM - 4:00:00 PM

Zoom Details:

Meeting ID:

984 6096 1217

Meeting Password:


Registration Link:

Visiting CEO:


MAV Facilitator:

Alison Lyon


Stand for Council - Community and Candidate Information Session 2


Tuesday, 18 August 2020


7:00:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM

Zoom Details:

Meeting ID:

939 3464 2258

Meeting Password:


Registration Link:

Visiting CEO:


MAV Facilitator:

Alison Standish

Session Outline

The Stand for Council Community and Candidate Information session will provide prospective candidates with information about:

·        The role and purpose of local government  

·        The new Local Government Act 2020 

·        Introduction to your council and information on the municipal area

·        Roles, responsibilities and expectations of a councillor

·        The experience of being a councillor 

·        The electoral process and campaigning including key dates and information provided by the Victorian Electoral Commission. 

Agenda for the training sessions

Candidate training session agenda follow this to access a copy of the agenda outlining the various sections, speakers and timing of the session.

Guidelines for safe campaigning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The 2020 council general elections are expected to be Victoria’s biggest election ever, with more than 4.5 million voters enrolled and more than 2000 candidates expected to contest 290 separate elections.

The Victorian Government is continuing to work with the Chief Health Officer, as well as local government stakeholders, on the impact of the health crisis on the safe conduct of the council elections.

Candidates for council general elections will be considering how to safely campaign for election during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These guidelines aim to help candidates to safely campaign by providing an overview of the restrictions applicable to campaign activities and measures they can take to reduce the risk of transmission.

Restrictions are subject to change and depend on levels of coronavirus transmission. Any campaign activities must comply with directions by the Victorian Chief Health Officer, which are in place at the time.

Please refer to the Safe Campaign Guidelines in the link below:

Safe-Campaign-Guidelines-12-August-2020.pdf(PDF, 360KB)

New guidelines available for safe campaigning September 2020.

Election campaign donation return

Under Section 306 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) a candidate must give an election campaign donation return to the Chief Executive Officer within 40 days after election day.

What is an election campaign donation return?

An election campaign donation return is a record of significant gifts received by election candidates for use in their election campaigns. These returns ensure public transparency about the level of financial and in-kind support given to candidates by individuals and organisations during elections.

Who needs to lodge a return?

Every person who is a candidate in a council election for a Victorian local government must lodge an election campaign donation return.  A return must be lodged by a candidate even if he or she has not received any campaign donations.

When and where must a return be lodged?

Campaign donation returns must be given to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Council for which the person was a candidate within 40 days after the election day.

Under section 307(1) of the Act, within 14 days after that date, the CEO must submit a written report to the Minister specifying:
•  the names of candidates in the election; and
• the names of the candidates who submitted a return under section 306.

Under section 307(2) and (3) the CEO must ensure that a summary of each election campaign donation return given to the CEO under section 306 is made available on the Council’s Internet site.

Copies of the completed returns will also be available for inspection at the Council office for 4 years from the date for the submission of returns.

Name of candidate who has lodged a Campaign Donation Return Gift received Name of person who made a gift Total value of the gift received
 ANGELO Nicholas  NO disclosable gift    
 BEATTIE Neil  NO disclosable gift    
 CATTO Glenn  NO disclosable gift    
 CONDLIFFE Colleen  NO disclosable gift    
 HOLT Gavan  NO disclosable gift    
 HOLT Reginald  NO disclosable gift    
 JUNGWIRTH Linda  NO disclosable gift    
 MURPHY Wendy  NO disclosable gift  
 PATTISON Ken  Disclosable gift Paul Haw  $100.00
 SHAUNE-BOULD Brook  NO disclosable gift    
 STRAUB Dan  NO Disclosable gift    

Copies of completed returns are available for inspection at the Loddon Shire Council Office, 41 High Street, Wedderburn, 3518.

Mandatory candidate training

The mandatory Local Government Candidate Training course for the 2020 elections is now available online.

Under new requirements included in the Local Government Act 2020, candidates must complete the course to be eligible to nominate with the Victorian Electoral Commission. This includes all serving or former councillors intending to nominate.

The online course will take around an hour to complete and ensure candidates fully understand the role of councillor and its requirements.

The course can be found at

Information on candidates

A link to a short VEC video outlining how voters can find information on candidates, including where they stand on various issues that the voter may care about. 

Information on candidates - Youtube