Mayoral Column 15 January 2018

Published on 15 January 2018

Don’t swim in channels

As we see the continuation of warmer temperatures during January and into February, swimming, of course, is a favourite way to cool off.

With that in mind, Goulburn-Murray Water is reminding our community that swimming in channels is dangerous for both people and pets. Instead, head to your local swimming pool to beat the heat.

Swimming in channels poses a range of hidden risks. While a channel might look still and calm, it could have strong undercurrents, hidden pipes, weeds and debris, varying depths, regulator gates that can open and close quickly, drains and submerged trees, sandbars and rocks.

For more information on channel safety, visit

Travelling during the heat

In keeping with the weather theme, VicRoads also has some advice regarding driving in extreme heat. This includes not taking unnecessary trips in adverse conditions, leaving earlier or even (if possible) postponing your trip.

If you do have to travel on days of extreme weather, make sure you let someone know which route you plan on taking and how long you think it will take to arrive at your destination. Make sure to carry plenty of fresh drinking water.

Temperatures can rise to dangerous levels quickly in a car. Therefore you should never leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle – even for a short period of time. Children can lose fluid quickly, become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke. According to Kidsafe Victoria, every year in Australia, more than 5,000 children are rescued after being left unattended in a car.

Children and pets also require additional precautions to protect them when travelling during hot days (the back seat and cargo area can be considerably warmer than the front-seat area). Consider using rear window shades and position air conditioning vents so they are directed towards the rear of the car.

As vehicle breakdowns are more likely to occur in extreme heat, make sure you check your car before you leave. Do not run the risk of running out of fuel and be sure to check your engine coolant level and carry extra water as a precaution. Do not attempt to open your radiator cap if your car is hot – this can result in serious burns.

If your vehicle does break down, where possible, stop or park the vehicle in the shade and avoid parking on long dry grass (a hot exhaust is a potential fire hazard).

Australia Day celebrations

Help celebrate what’s great about our nation next Friday at an Australia Day event, to be held in towns across our Shire on 26 January.

The day includes the presentation of Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Community Group/Event of the Year awards and Community Services Award, as well as speeches from Australia Day ambassadors.

Celebrations will be held at Boort, Bridgewater, Eddington, Inglewood, Jarklin, Newbridge, Pyramid Hill, Tarnagulla and Wedderburn.

Australia Day competition entries (literature, colouring, photography) will be displayed at Inglewood IGA, Miller’s Ag Supplies at Pyramid Hill, Wedderburn Old Milk Bar, Boort BRIC and Tarnagulla Community Centre or on Australia Day at Jarklin and Bridgewater.

To find out more, including event times and locations, visit Council’s website

Spotlight on Bridgewater for water ski championships

The Bridgewater Water Ski Club will host some of Australia's most accomplished water skiers when the 2018 Australian Masters Water Ski Championships takes place next week.

Starting on Australia Day from 10am and running until Sunday 28 January, the championships feature some of the country’s best exponents in trick, slalom and jumps. Around 70 competitors from across Australia (and one entrant from the United States) are expected to take part in the championships.

Highlights will include the world’s top-ranked female jumper and record-holder, Jacinta Carroll, from Geelong, as well as the performances of Australia’s most skilful skiers.
Spectators can watch all the action from the grassy foreshore.

You can find out more about the Australian Masters Water Ski Championships at

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