Council grants

Loddon Shire Council assists community groups, organisations and other not for profit agencies through annual grant programs that support the development of projects, activities and services that contribute to the wellbeing and quality of life of our residents.

Community Grants

Event promotion scheme

Council logo and acknowledgement

Other grant sources

Community grants

Community grants are available for projects that:

  • fulfil a demonstrated community need
  • develop or improve upon existing facilities
  • fund programs or purchase equipment that will increase opportunities for participation
  • funding can also be used as a co-contribution as part of an organisation's financial contribution for an external funding application

Applications can be submitted via Council's SmartyGrants program.

Applications will open on Sunday 1 March 2020 and close on Friday 1 May 2020.

For further information on what you need to know before submitting an application click here(PDF, 480KB)

To view an example of a completed community grant budget click here(PDF, 113KB)

Event promotion scheme

The Loddon Shire Events Sponsorship Scheme was initiated in 1999. Since this time over $172,000 has been allocated to Community Groups to promote events held within the municipality.  (Information valid at January 2017).

In recognition of the benefits, which accrue across the community as a result of community events, Council adopted the scheme for the provision of assistance to community groups organising these events.

The Event Sponsorship allocations are used for promoting events held within the municipality. This promotion is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • the attraction of more participants/spectators to events
  • economic benefits resulting from increased visitation to Loddon
  • the promotion of Loddon’s organisations and clubs, both locally and to wider areas.

Applications from community groups can be made under one of the two following categories:

Major Event Category: $1,000 for events of regional or state significance i.e. state sporting events and/or major festivals, and that attract a significant number of visitors from outside the region.

Minor Event Category: $400 for events of local and sub-regional significance i.e. annual sporting tournaments or local community festivals. These events will be of local and sub-regional significance i.e. annual tournaments and community festivals and will attract a moderate number of visitors from other communities.

Council’s support may also consist of the following:

  • preparation of the required community facilities to a standard that is acceptable to the community group, provided that the preparation does not entail any alteration to the facilities (this may include grounds preparation, the provision of signs and rubbish collection). Any associated costs, such as preparation works done by Council, will be deducted from the allocated amount
  • support in the co-ordination of the event by the relevant Council officer; this may include photocopying, assistance with preparing a submission to attain the event, visitor information, etc.
  • ensuring an appropriate Council official is available to conduct a public address / presentations, etc.
  • additional requests by organisations will be referred to Council for consideration.

In exchange for Council’s support, the community group will:

  • enter in a formal agreement confirming that funds allocated by Council will be spent on advertising and promoting the event
  • display Council’s banner at the major venue for the duration of the event
  • acknowledge Council’s assistance/sponsorship in all printed programs, media and promotional material (please see Council logo and acknowledgement)
  • allow Council to reproduce or use any photographs or promotional material for the purposes of publishing in press releases, Council publications, reports and for any other appropriate purpose
  • complete all acquittal paperwork as supplied by Council.

Events coordinated by political parties or religious groups are ineligible for sponsorship under this scheme.

Applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the event to be considered for funding.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Event promotion application form(PDF, 623KB)

Council logo and acknowledgement

If Council grants you funding of $400 or more, acknowledgement of Council's contribution in the promotion of your project, event or organisation is required by use of Council's logo and acknowledgement of Council in official written and verbal communication.

Get our logo

Contact Council and we will email or post our logo to you.

The logo can be supplied in .jpg. and .eps format.

Logo use in publications

Use Council's logo in the following publications:

  • media releases
  • annual reports
  • promotional videos
  • television and newspaper advertisements
  • newsletters
  • promotional materials such as brochures, posters, conference programs, performance programs and invitations
  • signage at promotional events, and
  • websites.

Colour specifications

Our logo is multi coloured.

We can provide a chart to match colours from our logo.

Conditions of use

  • always show the logo in its corporate logo colour or black
  • do not re-create or alter the logo
  • use the correct minimum sizes.

Minimum sizes

Horizontal: 20 mm

Word acknowledgement in publications, written and verbal communication

Acknowledge Council with the text, "This project is financially assisted by Loddon Shire Council (name of program and name of fund if known)":

  • in a publication, state the acknowledgement in the body text
  • in a speech or radio advertisement, state the acknowledgement
  • in a media release, include the acknowledgement.

In-kind Council support

If Council provides in-kind support, acknowledgement must be made in publications using the wording "This project is supported by the Loddon Shire Council."

In-kind support is when Council provides services or access to venues at no or a reduced cost. For example, using a hall owned by Council.

Other grant sources

The State and Federal Governments also provide excellent grants to communities. Please click on the links below to see current grants on other Australian Government websites.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development offer a range of grants, funding and sponsorship. Please click on the link below to review their wide range of grants they currently have on offer.

GrantConnect - Australian Government Grants

Looking for a grant from the Australian Government?

GrantConnect will help you find it.

For more information about the Australian Government Grants Link, please click on the link below.

Our Community

Our Community is a world-leading social enterprise that provides advice and tools for Australia's 600,000 not-for-profit community groups and state, private and independent schools, as well as practical linkages between the community sector and the general public, business and government.

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

FRRR was established in 2000 to support the renewal of rural and regional communities in Australia through partnerships with the private sector, philanthropy and governments.

In its first ten years, FRRR managed the distribution of over $25 million in grants and provided substantial capacity building support to community organisations across the nation.