Rural addressing

What is a rural road number?

Rural road numbering is a permanent and clear way of identifying and locating properties along a street or road.

A rural address consists of a rural road number, street or road name and the property’s locality or district. Residents are allocated a number determined by the distance of the property entrance in metres from the start of the road, divided by ten. The number is rounded down so that odd numbers are on the left side of the road and even numbers on the right. For example, if your property is 870 metres from the beginning of the road and on the left, your property number is 87 and on the right your property number is 86. It is not possible to change your number.

Many benefits come from having a rural road number. Making your property easy to locate is particularly important in emergency situations when time is critical. Police, fire and ambulance services can be delayed if a property address is difficult to find.

How do I know what my rural road number is?

All legally occupied properties can be issued with a Rural Road Number.

To have your Rural Road Number assigned please contact Loddon Shire Council on (03) 5494 1200.

How do I use my rural road number?

By law Council must use the rural address numbering system.

Council uses these property numbers to supply emergency services and 000 operator’s updates to address data via VicMap.

For this reason, it is important for residents to use their rural road number when providing their address and that the number is clearly displayed on the main access point to the residence.

Lot numbers, RMB and older shire numbers should no longer be used in addresses and these numbers should be removed if displayed at the front of the property.

Residents should ensure their neighbours display their rural road number to prevent confusion.

Visible road numbers also provide a reference point to locate other numbered properties along the road by indicating the direction, distance and side of the road that the property being sought can be found.

Rural road numbers improve the efficiency of deliveries to, and collections from your property as well as making it easier for visitors to find your home.

Residents are encouraged to contact their utility and service providers to ensure their address details are updated. Enquiries regarding mail delivery can be made to Australia Post on 131 318.