Mayoral Column 8 October 2018

Published on 08 October 2018

Fire Action Week 2018 – the right time to prepare

Having previously mentioned in this column that routine fire inspections across the Shire are to start shortly, I’d also like to remind our community that this week is Fire Action Week.

Running from 7 to 14 October, Fire Action Week is Victoria’s annual fire planning and preparation awareness week. The theme again for this year is “The right time to prepare”.

Forecasts are showing the potential for an earlier and longer fire season in Victoria. Fire Action Week is a time to increase your understanding of the fire risk where you live, prepare your property, and talk to your loved ones about what you’ll do to stay safe from fire.

Understand your fire risk and plan ahead. Talk to your family, friends and neighbours about your plans, and make sure you know when to leave and where to go to stay safe.

Make sure you know where to check Fire Danger Ratings (Vic Emergency website and app). During summer, you'll need to check the ratings daily to understand the fire risk in your area. Remember, as ratings increase, so does your risk of fire.

Taking steps to get prepared before the fire season means you know what to do when you’re at risk. It’s important to prepare your property for fire, but you also need to plan and prepare for your safety. Pack important documents, photos, medications, money and clothes so you can leave easily before a fire starts.

Have a plan, make sure your family knows it, and stick to it, don’t hesitate when it’s time to leave. You could get trapped by fire if you leave too late.

Preparing your property means you minimise the chance of it being damaged during a fire, even if you plan to leave early. Keep trees, overhanging branches and shrubs to a minimum near your home, particularly around and under windows.

Check where leaves and twigs gather around your home as this is where embers are likely to fall. Keep these areas clear all summer.

Keep leaf litter, shrubs and any other fuels to a minimum under trees on your property. This will help to stop a fire from reaching the tree tops, which will reduce embers and the fire intensity near your home.

For more information on how to get prepared for summer, visit

It’s time to Walk to School

Primary school students in Loddon Shire are being encouraged to walk, ride or scoot to and from school or their bus stop during October as part of VicHealth’s Walk to School program.

As part of this year’s program, Council will work with local primary schools to deliver a range of activities around Walk to School. Colouring and photo competitions will also run from 8 October to 2 November, with some great prizes to be won.

Local schools that participate in Walk to School will receive certificates to celebrate their students’ achievements and will also be in the running for a series of prizes provided by VicHealth.

The Walk to School program is a free, easy and fun way for kids to learn healthy habits and achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, every day.

The program has been made possible in Loddon Shire thanks to a Walk to School grant of $10,000 from VicHealth.

To find out more about Walk to School, visit

World War 2 book launch

On Sunday 14 October the Pyramid Hill and District Historical Society will be launching its World War 2 book.

The book details the huge endeavour of the area in coming together (including school children) for the war effort. This is despite experiencing drought, dust storms and with very little money available.

The book will be launched by former Federal Member for Murray Sharman Stone, now Ambassador for Women. Sharman’s father Harvey Bawden, as well as Lloyd Mills are the only remaining World War 2 veterans in the Pyramid Hill and District area. The book launch will include a presentation featuring Harvey and Lloyd telling their war experiences.

The Pyramid Hill and District Historical Society World War 2 book launch will take place on Sunday 14 October at 1.15pm at the Pyramid Hill Memorial Hall. The book will be available for purchase at the launch.

Everyone is welcome to attend. The historical society is also hoping many former Pyramid Hill and District residents will come along to the launch. 

For more information, contact Pyramid Hill and District Historical Society Secretary Helen Stevens on 0481 367 585.

Did you know?

With the weather starting to warm up, summer activities such as swimming start to sound more appealing.

There are five pools in Loddon Shire – located at Boort, Inglewood, Mitiamo, Pyramid Hill and Wedderburn. Swimming pools open annually on the third Saturday in November.

In the 2017 to 2018 financial year, there were a total of 22,994 visits to Council’s pool facilities. 

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