Council stands by Yemaya Festival decision

Published on 29 March 2017

Council has resolved not to support an application to conduct the Yemaya festival on a property in Fernihurst this year.

After hearing submissions from the applicant, Eugene Apter from UE Industries, and nearby landowners who objected to the proposal, the planning permit was refused at Council’s March meeting.

Council decided any economic benefit brought to the municipality was outweighed by the potential risk to community safety and amenity.

The Council decision was made on the basis that the applicant had not adequately addressed concerns related to trespass, noise, noxious weeds and traffic management.

Council was also concerned that the applicant had not yet obtained relevant approvals from Dja Dja Wurrung under the Aboriginal Heritage Act (2006) and the Environment Protection Authority.

Following its decision Council will be periodically monitoring the site for any unauthorised activity.

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