Letter to editor - dog breeding facilities

Published on 13 June 2015

Dear Editor

I’m writing in response to Jane Hall’s Standing up for our animals, 10 June.

In response to your claim that Loddon Shire has approved a permit for someone who has been successfully prosecuted, allowing them to subsequently operate a dog breeding facility: Loddon Shire Council has not received or approved any application for a dog breeding establishment by any person who has been prosecuted by Loddon Shire Council.

There seems to be the perception that Loddon Shire Council has condoned animal cruelty. This is not the case.

Loddon Shire Council is a leader within our community, and under no circumstances do we believe that cruelty to animals is acceptable. We have taken a stand, and in doing so we have had seven successful prosecutions relating to puppy farms in the last 18 months. We also have on-going investigations in relation to other properties.

In bringing such cases before our courts, we have also created community awareness of this terrible issue, in the hope that community members will also take a stand and refuse to purchase puppies from unregistered breeders or pet stores who obtain animals from these sources.

We have been proactive in our approach. We regularly audit domestic animal businesses within our municipal boundaries.

Loddon Shire Council continues to take a stand, we have not been, and will not be, complacent.

Loddon Shire Council
CEO, John McLinden

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