Current major planning applications

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How can I view the planning register?

A planning register is a list of all current planning applications under consideration by the Loddon Shire Council Planning Department, and is available to be viewed by the public.

The planning register is available for viewing by appointment between 8.30am and 4:45pm Monday to Friday at Council's Wedderburn office

Please contact the Planning Department on (03) 5494 1200 to make an appointment.

How can I make a submission on a current planning application?

If you feel that you are affected by a planning proposal, you can make a submission to Council.

Your submission must satisfy certain conditions:

  • it must be in writing
  • it should clearly state the reasons for objecting and how you would be affected
  • if a group of people are making a combined objection, such as a petition, they should nominate one contact person
  • some types of objections are not allowed, for example, an objection relating solely to commercial competition
  • the objection should be lodged by the date shown on the 'Notice of application'.
For more tips and information on how to make an effective submission, go to the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure's page on Preparing an effective submission.

You may also make a submission to applications that have not been advertised. 

Council must make a copy of every submission available for inspection. Council cannot make a decision on an application until at least 14 days after the giving of the last notice.

After the decision is made however, it is still possible to object by applying for a VCAT review

The person applying for the permit also has the opportunity to object. For instance, they can object to conditions Council has placed on the permit, and any failure to decide within a specified period of time.

Can I withdraw my submission?

If you are satisfied with the outcome of negotiations with the permit applicant, or do not wish to pursue your submission, you can withdraw it by writing to Council.

However, if you withdraw your submission, you will lose your right to apply to VCAT for a review.

Therefore, don’t withdraw your submission unless you are completely satisfied that your concerns have been addressed and the changes have been made to the application or are confirmed in writing.

You can also withdraw a submission conditionally, for example, provided certain changes are made. This will protect your right to apply for a review if the changes are not made.