Doing business with us

1. Overview

Loddon Shire Council undertakes substantial procurement of goods and services every year.

This information is designed to make current and potential suppliers aware of the processes undertaken to source goods and/or services, the documentation required and the processes involved from sourcing to payment.

For all payment enquires, please contact Accounts Payable staff on:

2. Procurement policy

Council has prepared a policy in accordance with section 186A of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) which encompasses the principles, processes and procedures applying to all purchases of goods, services and works required by Council.

The objective of this Policy is to foster fair, ethical and financially effective practices in all procurement and contracting activities.

Council policies

3. Methods of procurement

To ensure that value for money is obtained, Council undertakes purchasing directly, and also utilises Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) procurement contracts, Procurement Australia contracts, and whole of government contracts for the procurement of goods and services.


Council operates a decentralised purchasing system and requests for quotations may come from various authorised Council staff members.

Tenders / contracts

The Act documents the thresholds for public tenders, and Council has the thresholds outlined in Council's procurement policy.

Each tender will have a Council officer nominated as a primary contact for all enquiries.

Tenders may be advertised via:

Tenders are evaluated on a number of criteria, which is outlined in each tender specification. The successful respondent is awarded a contract for a set period of time. Work should not commence until the contract documents have been signed and, where applicable, a purchase order and/or letter of acceptance received.

Expressions of interest

Council may invite expressions of interest prior to inviting tenders. Expressions of interest are advertised in the same way as a tender, as outlined above.

Once an expression of interest process has been completed, a short list of successful respondents may be invited to tender on the proposal. This does not need to be advertised.

4. Compliant suppliers

Council maintains a register of compliant suppliers. This register is a record of all suppliers who have undertaken works, services or supply to Council, and have undertaken the compliance process, which includes providing public liability and professional indemnity insurances, licences, safety documentation and service details.  This register is updated regularly.

Suppliers remain on the register unless they cease to meet our requirements or have not supplied Council in a two year period.

Information regarding compliance is contained in Council's Compliant Contractor Guidelines document located on Council's Policies webpage

5. Purchase orders and letters of acceptance

Council policy requires staff to arrange a purchase order prior to the supply of goods and/or services. Once you have the purchase order, you are able to commence with the engagement of services or goods supply to Council.

If you are successful in a tender for the carrying out of works, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance with a contract reference number from the authorised officer responsible for administrating contract arrangements.

It is essential that you receive an official purchase order or a letter of acceptance for all goods and/or services to be supplied, and that they are quoted on all claims and/or invoices, or delays in processing your invoices can occur.

There is no guarantee of payment for goods and/or services provided without an official purchase order or letter of acceptance.

You may receive more than one purchase order depending on the range of work being undertaken for Council. When invoicing you need to ensure you are using the correct purchase order.

The only instance where an order or letter is not required is where Council's corporate credit card is used or for the supply of utility related accounts.

All Council purchase orders are issued by authorised staff and will include the name of the supplier, contact details, the details of the work required, delivery details, and price exclusive of GST.

The supplier is authorised to supply the goods and/or services stated on the order.

Conditions of order are stated on Council's purchase orders. It is recommended that the conditions be reviewed prior to conducting business with Council to assess their impact, if any, on your business.

If the purchase order is being raised as part of a contract arrangement, the conditions of the contract will prevail over the conditions of the purchase order.

If for any reason you have concerns regarding a request for supply of goods and/ or services, please contact Council’s Manager Financial Services on (03) 5494 1200 and have the copy of your purchase order or the order details available for reference.


Council's conditions of order stipulates that goods are to be delivered to the specified delivery point at no charge. If a charge for freight is to apply, this must be clearly stated on the purchase order.

Should a purchase order not include freight and it is to be charged, it is important to contact the purchasing officer listed on the purchase order prior to delivery.

Delivery notes and dockets

All goods delivered to Council must be accompanied by a delivery note, docket or invoice which includes the purchase order number, a description of the goods and the quantity supplied. The receiving officer must sight and sign these documents to verify receipt of goods or delivery of services to enable payment.

6. Invoicing and payments

Payment terms

Council's standard payment terms are 30 days from the receipt of a correctly presented tax invoice to Accounts Payable department.

Council officers do not have the authority to make discount arrangements or early payment arrangements with suppliers.

Tax invoices

The purchase order or contract reference number must be quoted on all tax invoices.

Tax invoices issued by suppliers to Council should only relate to a single purchase order. Council will only accept multiple tax invoices, which relate to one purchase order, where the supply of goods and/ or services occur over a period of time.

The purchase order or contract reference number are the key to all processes associated with paying accounts on time and must be quoted to ensure prompt payment.

Where items are purchased using a Council credit card, the invoice relating to the purchase must be endorsed as paid by corporate credit card and must be emailed or posted to Council within 24 hours.

Submitting invoices

Council has arrangements to ensure all tax invoices received through the mail are stamped with the date received and delivered immediately to the Accounts Payable department.

If tax invoices are delivered with goods, handed to Council officers, or submitted in any other way, there can be no guarantee that they will reach the Accounts Payable department. This may result in delayed payment of your account.

All invoices must be submitted using one of the following methods:

Mail to:

Loddon Shire Council
PO Box 21
Wedderburn Vic 3528

Email to:

7. Payment methods

Council’s preferred method of payment is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). To facilitate this, you will be requested to complete a supplier application form for account verification when your details are supplied.

This information is for your protection and to ensure the payment of funds is direct into your nominated bank account.

Council endeavours to maintain and update supplier details on a regular basis.

If any of your details change, please email the details on your company letterhead with any supporting documentation to

8. Frequently asked questions

What is Council’s ABN number?

Council’s Australian Business number is 90 925 450 534

Does Council prefer to use local suppliers?

Council’s procurement policy actively encourages Council staff to support businesses in the local community where possible.

Why haven’t I been paid?

Council is committed to paying suppliers promptly.  If you have not received payment of your invoice within 30 days, the invoice may not have been received by the Accounts Payable department, or there may be a reason for withholding payment.

Please contact the Council officer that placed the order with you to ascertain why payment has not been made.

I haven’t received a copy of my purchase order?

Please contact the Council officer who engaged you to have a purchase order provided to you.

I am a new supplier to Council; what do I need to do?

Council requires certain information from you, including:

  • business name
  • contact details
  • ABN number
  • banking details.

Council will also require you to undertake the compliance process, providing to Council appropriate up to date insurances, safety systems, licences, etc. relevant to the works and services being undertaken.

The Council officer that has engaged you will provide you with appropriate paperwork for you to complete.