Mayoral Column 15 June 2015

Published on 15 June 2015

Local heroes recognised

Last week, two of our local heroes were recognised for their outstanding commitment to our region.

Boort police station’s Leading Senior Constable Ray Stomann was awarded the Australian Police Medal in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours and Bridgewater Leading Senior Constable Mick Balazs was honoured with the National Emergency Medal for his bravery, after rescuing a disabled man who was trapped in his house with fire approaching on Black Saturday.

I would like to congratulate Leading Senior Constable Stomann and Leading Senior Constable Balazs for their contribution within our municipality and to the wider region.

These local community leaders have been recognised for their distinguished service.

As a municipality, we are lucky to have such dedicated leaders within our boundaries, who have the best interests of our shire at heart.

This is also an opportunity to thank our community members who go unrecognised for their contribution to our region.

Touring the Loddon region

Visitor Information Centre volunteers have been treated to a tour of the region, to ensure they are armed with helpful guidance for visiting tourists.

The familiarisation tour departed from Wedderburn visiting the RV friendly site at Boort, the Pyramid Hill historical society and caravan park, along with a visit to the Hill itself.

The 21 volunteers were treated to lunch at the Victoria Hotel, followed by a guided tour of the accommodation and tourist stand, before travelling back to Wedderburn via Mitiamo and Serpentine.

The tour included meetings with business owners, viewing sites and learning about the history of each town and district.

It is important volunteers visit venues across Loddon and meet business operators. The volunteers can share their knowledge of the municipality when speaking to visitors who walk in or telephone the Loddon Visitor Information Centre.

The knowledge passed on to tourists will help to increase the visitor experience and extend bed nights within the municipality.

Helping Calivil celebrate

I would like to congratulate the Calivil United Football Netball Club as it celebrates its 125th year anniversary.

Loddon Shire is supporting the anniversary, with a grant to aid the publication of a book which celebrates the club’s rich history.

Loddon Shire is proud to support our local sporting clubs. These clubs play a vital role in building the social cohesion in our Loddon communities.

The club will officially celebrate its anniversary next month at its match against Mitiamo Football Netball Club on 18 July.

Raising awareness on abuse

I would like to discuss a topic that for many of us may be quite uncomfortable and confronting at first.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is just around the corner and as a Council we see this as an opportunity to bring elder abuse out from behind closed doors.

We want to remind all residents that every member of our municipality has the right to live with dignity and safety.

Elder abuse is any act which causes harm to an older person and is often carried out by someone in a relationship of trust, such as family members or friends. It can involve someone taking money or possessions, not providing necessary care, making threats or stopping an older person’s social contacts, as well as physical or sexual abuse.

Older people have the right to make their own decisions, even if they may seem wrong to others.

If you, your client, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, contact Senior Rights Victoria’s free confidential helpline on 1300 368 821 Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.

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