Loddon Planning Scheme Amendment C33

Published on 19 February 2014

Planning and Environment Act 1987


Notice of Approval of Amendment

Amendment C33

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C33 to the Loddon Planning Scheme.

The Amendment comes into operation on the date this notice is published in the Government Gazette.

The Amendment amends Planning Scheme Map No. 30 to rezone land at Crown Allotments 19, 20 and 21, and Lot 4 PS315058 in Bridgewater from Farming Zone to the Low Density Residential Zone and inserts new Planning Scheme Map No. 30DPO to apply a new Schedule 1 to the Development Plan Overlay to the land, amends Clause 21.04 to include Crown Allotment 20, Township of Bridgewater, Parish of Bridgewater, within the urban growth boundary of the Bridgewater Structure Plan, introduces Clause 43.04 – Development Plan Overlay (DPO) into the Loddon Planning Scheme, and a new Schedule 1 to the DPO to apply to all the land affected by the Amendment, and amends the Schedule to Clause 61.03 to insert new Planning Scheme Map 30DPO.

A copy of the Amendment can be inspected, free of charge, at the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website at www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/publicinspection and free of charge, during office hours, at the offices of the Loddon Shire Council, 41 High Street, Wedderburn.

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