Playgroups provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to meet new people, gain support and exchange parenting ideas.

They allow babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to socialise as they play and learn together. All playgroups are different but the emphasis is on fun and friendship.

For further Information visit Playgroup Victoria.

About Playgroup Victoria

For a small fee per family per year, membership to Playgroup Victoria entitles your playgroup to public and personal liability insurance, hotline service, a playgroup manual, quarterly magazine and newsletters and inclusion on the Playgroup Victoria database. Concession rates are also available.

Playgroup Victoria provides a range of support services to member playgroups such as telephone advice and playgroup workshops.

There are many local venues that may be suitable for a playgroup including schools, churches, neighbourhood houses, kindergartens, halls and community centres.

Toy libraries

Toy libraries aim to support families and encourage them to spend time playing with their children.

Quality toys are expensive and children quickly become bored with a toy once its play value has been exhausted.

By providing new play materials every week or two, parents can save money and significantly contribute towards the development and education of their children.

About Toy Libraries Australia

Toy Libraries Australia promotes the importance and the value of play. It aims to raise the profile of Toy Libraries in the community by publicising the role of Toy Libraries in educating children and supporting families.

It aims to encourage, inform and respond to the needs of prospective and existing Toy Libraries, using accumulating knowledge and depth of experience.

For information on the available toy libraries in Loddon, please visit the Toy Library Australia website.