A first for Loddon Valley Newbridge Craft Beer

Published on 28 February 2018

Newbridge once again has its own branded craft beer, thanks to the initiative of former resident Mark Peters.

Mark, the son of Newbridge General Store owners Beryl and Darryl Peters, is a brewer in Bendigo, but has now created his own line of beers to be sold at the store either on tap or bottled.

In so doing, he has revived memories of the original Newbridge Brewery, now long gone, but a thriving concern in its heyday.

The varieties Mark makes are Newbridge Pale Ale, Newbridge Weiss Beer and Riverside Honey Ale.

“We actually own the land where the old brewery once stood,” he said. “That operated in the mid-1800s on a site past the hotel and down by the river.

“I’ve been brewing commercially for about eight years, working with Lachlan and Cameron Poyser at True Brew in Bendigo, but it’s only been the past two months that I’ve been producing these beers for sale.

“At this stage I produce about six cartons weekly, selling either over the counter or to take away, and we move pretty much all of that.

“There’s been a great response locally and I expect the growth is going to force me to expand.”

Newbridge General Store first opened in 1855. 

In 1905, the store, post office and Tarnagulla Inn were destroyed by fire, but the store reopened six months later after the district’s original cheese factory was dismantled and relocated to the site.

“The store itself really focuses on food and drink and has done for many years – quality food at very reasonable prices,” Mark said.

Loddon Shire Council is interested in hearing from any new businesses starting up in the Shire.

Businesses can add their details to Council’s website business directory at http://www.loddon.vic.gov.au/Invest/Business-directory .

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