Community planning

Community Planning Nolans Park

Loddon Shire Council has a place based community planning program active across the Shire via 18 community plans in 15 districts. 

Council's community planning program commenced in late 2002. At that time Council undertook an innovative and proactive process of engaging local communities to assist them towards being sustainable. The Council initiated “Community Planning” and encouraged each community to develop a 10-year strategic plan that details a vision and key objectives to be achieved.

The community plans are reviewed as part of an annual planning cycle and a range of priorities are adopted by Council for the ensuing 12 months. Community planning also has a solid position within Council’s Strategic Planning Framework and evidence of this can be obtained from Council’s Plan, Annual Report and annual budget.

In 2006 the first Loddon Community Plan was developed. It provides a summary of Council’s Community Planning Program and provides a comparison of what each township plan is aiming to build on. 

Community Planning is about communities developing strategies and identifying opportunities on how their vision can be achieved. Council’s approach is to foster community building and implement projects so that communities continue to develop in line with their vision for the future. 

A key ingredient which has led to the success of community planning in Loddon Shire has been the ability for any individual in a community to have input into the development of their community plan at a level that the individual is comfortable with. Be it standing for election on the committee, simply attending a public meeting to promote a particular project, or getting involved with working bees to assist in the delivery of a project – all provide the opportunity to participate with the local community plan.

If you have a Community Planning question please contact Allan Stobaus, Manager Community Support on (03) 5494 1200.

Past Community Planning Projects

A few of the Community Planning projects that have been achieved in the Loddon Shire include:

  • Dingee memorial hall disability access ramp
  • BBQ at Mitiamo playground
  • Upgrade of Eddington playground 
  • Bridgewater hall roofing upgrade
  • Boort playground upgrade
  • Korong Vale hall repaint