GWMWater South West Loddon Pipeline update and farm planning information day

Published on 27 June 2017

GWMWater invites landholders interested in connecting to the South West Loddon Pipeline Project (SWLPP) to come along to an information day at the Wedderburn Hall on 4 July 2017, from 10am to 12.30pm.

GWMWater will present a project update, pipeline network supply and design requirements for landholders, and obligations for Native Vegetation and Cultural Heritage.

An on farm reticulation planning presentation given by Agriculture Victoria will include:
• Where has all the rain gone?  The reality of less rainfall and runoff
• Positive impacts of farm water reticulation on farm productivity
• Learnings from landholders on the Wimmera Mallee pipeline 
• How much water do you need?  Outline on how to complete your own farm water audit
• Next steps - farm water planning workshop day/s information.

Landholders requiring more detailed information about their own farming enterprise requirements when connecting to the SWLPP are encouraged to book into a farm reticulation workshop (dates to be confirmed on 4 July) covering:

• Review learnings from farmers on other pipelines
• Reviewing your farm water budget - how much water do you need and where?
• Water storage
• Pipe size - how it affects your flow rate
• Equipment - pipes, pumps, tanks and troughs
• Key issues in layout / design
• Mapping your farm water reticulation plan

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