Volunteers Familiarisation Tour

Published on 24 November 2015

VOLUNTEERS and staff from the Loddon Visitor Information Centre in Wedderburn will receive a close-up look next week at some of what Bendigo has to offer its visitors.

A group of about 20 people will make the trip next Wednesday (25 November) on a “familiarisation tour”, aimed at better connecting visitor services throughout the region.

Arriving first at the Bendigo Visitor Centre, participants will be given a tour of the facility and enjoy morning tea and lunch.

Tram rides will then take the group to Central Deborah Goldmine for an underground tour and to Indulge Chocolates, near the fountain, for a sweet treat.

Volunteer program and development co-ordinator at the Bendigo Visitor Centre Kate Eltringham said the tour was part of a well-established routine of reciprocal information sharing between regional centres.

“We are hosting the group in Bendigo, but our local operators are supporting us,” Ms Eltringham said.

“It’s a valuable training experience for volunteers.  For good customer service, you’d want a visitor to be able to walk into any information centre and receive helpful and accurate guidance on other regions.

“The Loddon group will have a pleasant social day out and a first-hand experience of the tourism destinations they are promoting.”

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