Pool Safety Push

Published on 06 October 2014

In 2012/2013, 40 children aged 14 years and under drowned in Australia, most of those in backyard swimming pools.

Yesterday’s return of daylight saving has been seized upon by Kidsafe Victoria as an opportunity to launch its latest campaign, under the banner “Closing the Gate on Backyard Pool Drowning”.

Kidsafe is encouraging pool and spa owners to check and maintain their safety barriers in preparation for the summer season.

The organisation says that, while safety barriers are essential in preventing drowning, evidence suggests a large number of drowning deaths in pools are a result of barriers being faulty, misused or not compliant with Australian Standards.

While there are only a limited number of permanent in-ground pools in Loddon Shire, many residents set up temporary pools for their children to play in during the hot weather.

People should be aware that any pool capable of holding a depth of 300mm of water or more requires a permit from Council to ensure that safety equipment such as barriers and self-closing gates are adequate.

These pools can only legally be used once Council has inspected them.

For more information, please phone David Turner on 5494 1200 or go to  www.kidsafevic.com.au/water-safety/pool-fence-safety

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