Mayoral Column 8 December 2014

Published on 08 December 2014

Council celebrates Red Cross centenary

Caption: Red Cross past and present volunteers at the centenary celebration.

Council has recognised the dedicated work of all Loddon’s Australian Red Cross volunteers with the installation of a beautiful rose garden.

In Loddon we are blessed to have had dedicated volunteers who have helped our community through rough times.

In recognition of Loddon volunteer’s hard work and dedication throughout the 100 years, the Shire has planted 10 red roses to represent each decade of Red Cross in Australia.

I was honoured to open the rose garden in front of past and present volunteers from across the Shire.

The centenary year is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the role that Red Cross has played in our communities.

It is interesting to note that the Australian branch of Red Cross formed in response to World War I.

Hundreds of thousands of volunteers signed up during World War I and World War II, making Red Cross the largest volunteer charity organisation in Australia.

Post war, Red Cross has focussed on social welfare, national emergencies, natural disasters, the blood bank and first aid programs, which were sustained by the extensive branch network and thousands of volunteers.

Red Cross groups have been active in a number of Loddon communities, but unfortunately many groups have gone into recess in recent years.

Red Cross is now represented in Loddon by the Serpentine and District Red Cross group, which has announced it will shortly go into recess.

The garden is a feature at the Serpentine Council office grounds and I encourage all residents to make time to view the rose garden.

Christmas fever in Boort

The festive season is in full swing with Boort’s Christmas festival set to light up the town this week.  (Dec 12)

Here at Loddon we recognise that Christmas events and community festivals are important for each town’s community spirit.

I am thankful the community has found a committee to run its annual Christmas festival, after the event stopped some years ago.

The energised Boort Business and Tourism Council committee restarted the event last year with tremendous success and community support.

The ball is well and truly rolling to keep this social event on the Boort calendar.

Organisers are hoping more than 300 people from across the Loddon district will take advantage of the market stalls, children’s entertainment and barbecue.

I encourage the whole Boort community to attend the event, which is a terrific excuse to take time to spend valuable hours with your children, friends and family.

The Christmas festival will also promote the ‘Bought from Boort’ campaign, asking residents to support their local traders with shops opening late during the Christmas event.

The event will run from 5pm to 9pm on Friday, 12 December at Godfrey Street.

Dingee’s park receives a makeover

Dingee Progress Park

Caption: Works on the Dingee Progress Park are underway with the works expected to be completed before Christmas.

Dingee Progress Park is currently undergoing an extensive makeover with the erection of a new shelter.

Loddon Shire Council is working closely with the community to create a beautiful area for residents and tourists to take advantage of.

Council is putting $18,000 to the project with the community also providing local contributions.

Council appreciates the opportunity to work together with our communities. By pooling Council funding and community resources we are able to create much larger developments for our municipality.

The improvements to the grounds will see the newly erected shade shelter on a concrete slab, with lights and a new stainless steel barbecue installed.

The works are at the half way mark and should be finalised prior to Christmas.

This development will enhance the Dingee area and be a very useful addition to the park.

Dingee Progress Association treasurer Pam Plant said the installation of the new structure was wonderful for the area.

“Every year we have our annual family festival in the park,” she said.

“The park will be used a lot more when the barbecue is under the new shelter.”

If people travelling through Dingee and see an inviting green park with a great undercover area they are likely to stop in the town.

If we can get tourists to stop in Dingee we can increase trade for our local businesses.

The project complements the Council purchase of a new tank and irrigation system to boost water pressure at the park.

Pools receive new look with shade structures

Swimming Pool Shade Structures

CAPTION: Shade structures have been erected across Loddon at each of the region’s five pools.

Visitors who have taken advantage of the warm weather at Loddon Shire Council pools will have noticed some new additions to the venues.

Each pool has benefited from a 10x10 metre shade structure installed in the shallow end of each of Council’s five pools.

Wedderburn and Mitiamo also received shade structures over the toddler’s pool while Boort had a shade structure installed over its barbecue area and learner’s pool.

The Mitiamo and Pyramid Hill pools were freshened up with a repaint.

The project cost $150,000, with $110,000 from the state government’s Sport and Recreation Fund and Loddon Shire Council tipping in the remaining $40,000.

The shade structures will not only provide an attractive feature, but they will also provide swimmers with more protection from the harsh sun.

In mid-December the Inglewood, Pyramid Hill and Mitiamo pools will have an additional water feature installed.

The water features were funded by a state government $30,000 contribution and $10,000 from Loddon Shire Council’s budget.

Council is always looking for ways to improve its community facilities.

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